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Review – Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

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Well, well, well, it’s been quite a while since I posted to the blog.

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest Microbrew

I’ve been way busy and just have not had the time to spend writing anything up. That changed today, because I had to come to Houston, TX, for some SQL training. I went to Whole Foods Market and got some beef stew, good bread, Icelandic butter, Italian Salami and English recipe corned beef, and had an excellent dinner at the hotel, and am now sitting at the company laptop typing up this post, enjoying an excellent micro-brew, Saint Arnold Oktoberfest.

Having grown up in Germany and having enjoyed some real German beer, I have to say that this micro-brew is just as good ans the genuine article from Deutschland. It is very smooth without too much carbonation, but not flat tasting like some American beers.

This definitely a beer I will buy again, and I will pick up a 6-pack before I head home on Friday. I got this at Kroger just across the parking lot from my hotel, and they had single bottles to be combined into a 6-pack so you can sample, so I have 5 more beers to go, and will try to review one per night.

So, for right now i will call this good, and wrap this up so I can watch and interesting show on the Discovery channel.


P.S.: I forgot to mention GoodBrews, a cool beer website I was told about by my co-worker, Dave.

Back again…! Trip to Dallas. AeroGardens.

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Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

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Well, it’s been  over a week again since my last post…

I’ve been soooooo busy its not even funny… and its been wearing on me, to say the least!

I need to get back to eating a good organic, high fiber diet to regain my digestive health.

I think I will try to blog about my nutritional diet, and how it is currently affecting me negatively, as well as some of the things I’ve been reading about and what I want to try out.

I will be leaving on Sunday afternoon for Dallas to go to a training class to get educated on MS Server 2008, namely the MS6419 class, which will progress me towards my MCITP Certification which will hopefully get me a raise.

While in Dallas I will be living on Whole Foods Market food, and that will do my body good. I hope this will give me the boost I need to get back on track, and when I get back home I will have to try to stay on track as much as I can.

One way I hope to accomplish this is by buying one of the AeroGarden Extra hydroponic gardens to grow tomatoes, and an AeroGarden 7 to grow salad greens at work, and to ensure that the veggies are getting a good nutrition I will be adding some Greensand to the nutrient mix to provide additional micro-nutrients to the veggies.

I will probably start with the AeroGarden Extra, which currently costs $160. I figure once the tomato plants start bearing fruit, I should recoup my cost of the garden in about 26 weeks (6 months), because these tomatoes will replace the small tubs of cherry or grape tomatoes that run about $6 a tub! After that, all I will have is the running cost of nutrients to add to the garden.

Once I’m on track to paying for this unit, I will order the  AeroGarden 7 which is $99 and will probably take about a year to pay for since it will replace about $2-3 a week in lettuce purchases, but the lettuce and tomatoes will be fresh off the plant and make this totally worth it.

Finally I would like to buy an AeroGarden SpaceSaver 6 to complete my setup at work so I can grow fresh herbs. This unit will go into the corner of my unused desk space, and the other two units will be on either side, and the space in front of them will become my eating surface. I figure this will take me about 6-8 months to setup, and pay for itself in about a year since I will be making way less trips to the store, saving in fuel and time in addition to better, and fresher food, or so I hope.

More later…

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