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Health – Energizing your body

Posted in Blogging, Food, Health, LifeStyle with tags , , , , on 2015/01/12 by rmolby

Image credit: Philippe Dessante | Flickr

So I was reading a different article on (to be discussed in another post in the future) when I saw the side link to another article, “How This Showering Trick Can Make You More Energized for the Work Day.”

Here lately I have not been getting the amount of sleep I need to be super alert and energized, and I have been reaching for coffee and caffeinated tea to give me a boost – a LOT lately.

I also read two articles (1/2) of drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. These two are turning out to be a little bit of an internet exaggeration/hoax, the reason why I say that is because of this debunking, and here, but also I found this article on an Ayurvedic site, semi confirming water consumption in the morning.

So for the last week or so I have been trying to drink one glass or 4-8 ounces (1/10 to 1/4 liter) water every morning. This seem to help with feeling parched, and on some days it made me feel better overall. I will need to increase this to two glasses over time, just to combat my typical American chronic dehydration.

Then seeing the article about the Energizing Shower, I tried this today, and once again, I was surprised, but yes, I felt a little more energized. I really didn’t go THAT cold, but I turned the hot water way down, and I almost wanted to yelp in disgust of the cold water hitting my body.

Did it wake me up? YES!

Did it energize my body? YES, for the first hour or so after I felt very energetic.

Now that I have had lunch, I am dragging again and having more coffee. I think there is a benefit to the shower trick, and I will continue to try to do it every day. Maybe by summer I will have a better feeling as to how effective this technique is.

So, in the not too distant future I will be following up on this post and see how I am doing with this shower technique.


Riparian Buffer Nations

Posted in Gardening, Horticulture, Nature with tags , , , , , , , , , on 2012/08/13 by rmolby
Riparian strip, Putnam County, Ohio, Lake Erie...

Riparian strip, Putnam County, Ohio, Lake Erie tributary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright, I’m returning to a subject I am very interested in, and I have covered in a previous post.

Riparian buffers are a protective area along water features such as rivers, lakes and ponds that provide protection of the water habitat from off-site pollution, as well as providing habitat for plants and animals that require clean sources of water and food.

In the previous post I talked about acquiring property along riparian zones, and finding people to live on, and manage those riparian buffer lands.

Maybe we need to take this one step further, maybe those of us that believe in such an endeavor should form a union, gather as a folk, or nation, write a constitution, and take possession of riparian buffer lands through legal means, including using angel investors that believe in protecting the environment for future generations.

I could envision contiguous buffer zone lands to become small tribal areas, with multiple families assisting each other with the protection management of the riparian buffers they own and control, and these tribes could then cooperate in each bio-regional area to become riparian buffer nations comprising that area, yet all the bio-regional buffer zone nations could also be members of a continental and/or global Riparian Buffer Nation (RBN) that transcend nationalities and all cooperate for the common good of the planet.

I envision the tribes to conduct their business a lot like Native American Indians conduct their tribal business. Since these Indian tribes are very connected to their land(s), they already have very well established ways to manage and protect the land and a life style that is connected to the land, and water, and biota on the land, and we can learn a lot from them how to conduct ourselves.

So I propose to write a constitution that will focus on protecting the land that provides to us our own life in the form of clean water and uncontaminated food grown in a biota protecting manner so future generations are not stripped of their means of supporting their own and their children.

I would venture to say that a few, if not many Native American Indian tribes would welcome such a project, and help us new tribes by teaching us what it means to live in harmony with nature, and maybe become members of the greater Riparian Buffer Nation.

Being that I currently live in the USA, but was born in Germany, I have two diverse lifestyles I have lived. Both societies have their good and bad, and it is difficult not the be biased, but I can say the founders of the USA thought far ahead when they wrote the Constitution of the United States of America, so I will make an attempt at writing the first few article of constitution for the Riparian Buffer Nation (RBN) using the US Constitution as my model.

So, in future posts I will write up each article of constitution, and if anyone, especially lawyers would like to chime in and make suggestions and/or corrections, I will welcome comments to those posts and if I deem the comments valuable I will incorporate it into the applicable article.

Well, it is time to move on and get back to real life here in working land and time 😦

Riparian Buffer Zones

Posted in Computer Networking, Gardening, Health, Horticulture, Internet, Liberty, Nature with tags , , , , , , , on 2012/04/20 by rmolby
View of urban runoff discharging to coastal waters

View of urban runoff discharging to coastal waters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have noticed how when civilization encroaches on the riparian buffer zones, that the watershed always suffers in process, eventually to be reduced to storm water runoff channels and canals.

Being someone that can see the environmental impact of people on nature, I am always appalled by the results of civilization. Lately, I have noticed the effect a lot when looking at Google Maps or Google Earth.

Lately I have thought I should start a non-profit organisation that finds angel investors that are willing to invest into the non-profit, and use the funds to buy up Riparian Buffers Zones, and hire environmentally aware people to live on these lands and to manage them, gathering runoff from the city and filtering it, catching the nastiness like engine oil and tire dust and other gook, and then using the partially decontaminated water to grow fuel crops on small patches and parcels of the purchased land.

In some areas of cities, the runoff ditches would not lend themselves to living on them, but the easement strips along those runoff channels and ditches constantly require mowing and weed management, so they could be used to grow more fuel crops instead, so with some smart water channeling, the runoff water would grow crops, the crops would convert waste water and organic compounds in the water into fertilizer and irrigation, and the fuel crops in turn could be used to run part of the operation’s equipment and vehicles, either in the form of converting the biomass into ethanol to run in E85 vehicles, or turned into Syn-Gas to run electric generation plants which then power some of the operation’s infrastructure.

There are other positive side effects to doing this, one of which is turning areas that normally grow invasive or allergy causing weeds that use up precious fossil fuels (for weed control), into areas that produce a product for the amount of fossil fuels utilized to manage the areas, and if managed properly, these areas would not require toxic weed management techniques or supplies, and the land would slowly become less and less toxic as the biological action in the soil can begin to break down the toxic compounds already deposited on the land.

Then, if we use IP enabled remote sensors and a WiFi private LAN to manage and record the sensor data, we can monitor and manage the Riparian Buffer Zone(s) with minimal personnel, and concentrate on planting and harvesting fuel crops and improving the environment.

Anyway, I needed to record this phase of my though processes, hopefully I can pursue this further in future posts.

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