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Environment – Drought (and potential food shortages?)

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So I come across this article on HuffPost Green about the Rainbow Mountains in China, a great article with amazingly beautiful pictures, but I decided to click on the HuffPost Green link to visit, since I had never been to the web site,  and right there on the front page is a a link in bold letter proclaiming “DRIEST YEAR EVER.”

In the article on USA Today, mentions that

California is enduring its driest calendar year on record, with no signs of relief coming anytime soon. In San Francisco, the city is seeing its driest year since records began during the Gold Rush year of 1849.

Although a drought emergency has not yet been officially declared, a lack of rain and snow this winter could bring catastrophic losses to California agriculture, as water allotments are slashed by state agencies.

Further down the article it states:

The U.S. Drought Monitor reported that 94.25% of the state is enduring some level of drought conditions and that most of the prime agriculture area of the Central Valley is in extreme drought, the second-worst category.

When you look at the Drought Monitor web site, you can see the extreme drought conditions, and this should really make us think. How many people know that a large percentage of fresh vegetables have traditionally come from California?

For some vegetables, only three states, California, Florida, and a few states like Texas and Washington grow a large portion of some vegetables for the entire USA grocery market.

Due to the vast size of the produce industry, minor problems with the distribution chain, such as the 2006 E. coli contamination problems in pre-cut spinach shipped from California, can cause ripple effects throughout the nation’s food system.

The same will hold true for drought conditions, which also exist in Texas and Washington at the current time. So where does this leave us for fresh fruit and vegetables? I think we will be very vulnerable to shortages starting as of this Summer (2013), and going forward until this drought subsides or we get alternative production online.

This situation should reinforce our need to grow more of our fresh produce as close to home as possible. I am ever more encouraged to have a vegetable garden ready to sow into by spring. I hope to be able to grow at least 10% of my vegetable needs right in my own back yard.

Part of this will involve traditional organic vegetable gardening in raised beds, but in time I am also hoping to get an aquaponics system established that will be part of my winter time lean-to greenhouse attached to my backyard shed. This would allow me to not only grow vegetables in the winter, but also supplement my diet with fresh protein in the form of fresh fish.

If all goes well, I will start with a grid powered circulation pump, which will be supplemented in the future with a solar powered unit, probably the same pump running of an inverter and a large battery bank that will be charged from solar and wind.

Until such time, though, I am fully expecting there to be both physical shortages of fresh vegetables, as well major price increases for those imported from out of state, causing shortage in the household budgets or personal health of millions.

The Central Valley of California, with the San...

The Central Valley of California, with the San Joaquin Valley in the southern sub-region, and the Sacramento Valley in the northern sub-region. © 2004 Matthew Trump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ramblings for 2012.08.02

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Alright, I’m still finding my way on my blog. I don’t have a consistent way of using the post heading, but I’m slowly getting there. If it is a major category, such as Magic: The Gathering then I will put something like “MTG-” or similar at the beginning of the subject/title.

In addition, I will start using the 24 hour clock, also known as military time, and the date in Year/Month/Day format. These are all things I have to do at work and is also something most people outside of the USA are used to, so only my fellow American may have to adjust a little.

Alright, what else.

Oh yeah, what stinking hot weather we are having. Yesterday we recorded 113F (62.8C). That is just absolutely crazy. I am so ready to move to coastal Pacific North West or northern Idaho!

If anyone knows of someone that needs a Microsoft Network Administrator in the Seattle area, or in Coeur d’Alene or Sandpoint Idaho, please contact me. If it pays $65-80k in Idaho and more than $80K Seattle I’m interested.

Currently I don’t have a degree. I only have my A+ certification, although I am slowly trying to study for my MCITP certification.

I’m pretty good with administering MS Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 in a specialized department of the DoT, the FAA in specific. Anyway, I would love to find a place to work up north where it rarely breaks over 90F!

Anyway, my car overheated on the way to work from lunch and again from work to home, and my body is trying to recover, so I’m falling asleep as I’m  working on this.

I also swapped out the thermostat and gasket, which didnt fix the problem, so I drained the cooling system and refilled it with streight water, so all I gotta do this evening is add the radiator flush and run it, drain and flush it again with water twice and then drain the system completely and put fresh coolant in it.

I don’t think I’ll get all of it done tonight, but hopefully I can get the flush all out and let it sit overnight with only water in it, drain and fill in the morning and maybe still go to work.


Dreams – Underground & In Near Future

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shows a typical science-fiction open-circuit

shows a typical science-fiction open-circuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asimov's 2009 07

Asimov's 2009 07 (Photo credit: sdobie)

People with Asperger's Syndrome are often preo...

People with Asperger's Syndrome are often preoccupied with particular, specialized areas of knowledge, such as this boy's interest in molecular structure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I woke up to an old recurring dream I have been having since I was a teen, maybe younger than a teen, I seem to remember being around 12 the first time I woke up and remembered this semi-lucid dream.

Now, before I get to describing this dream (I actually described it first while I can still remember some of the details), I need to give you just a little background about myself to help you understand my mind and dreams.

I don’t know how prevalent it is to have lucid dreams, but like I mentioned, I have been able to have lucid dreams without control since I was a young boy, and started gaining some control of my interaction in the lucid state when I was in my late teens.

I also have a very light case of Asperger Syndrome, which is a little like having an ultra light case of Autism. We all know that people that have Autism can have some very special gifts in different reals of the mental state. I don’t know if my Asperger syndrome condition contributes to my lucid dreaming abilities, but I also have a very good imagination.

And finally, I have been a Science Fiction fan from an early age, as early as I can remember. I can thank my dad for this, because we used to watch the original Star Trek (ST:TOS) together, it was the only show my parents let me stay up late for. At the time we were living in Germany, and there were only three TV channels, and the only American TV shows that were shown on German TV were family friendly American shows, so to get some American TV experience, ST:TOS, Bonanza, Magnum P.I., and Sesame Street were the shows of choice my parents allowed me to see.

Lastly, there is a German Science Fiction pulp fiction series called Perry Rhodan. I discovered it sometime around age 9 or 10, I think, bought a copy from my local office supply and new stand store, and after reading it showed it to my mom and dad and asked them if they would give me enough of an allowance to read them. Right about the time they decided to let me have the allowance, a 5th printing of the series was started to get my generation hooked on the series, and I got a chance to read the series from the beginning.

For those of you that may read this and have never experienced or read Perry Rhodan, its of the same ilk as the  1960’s Asimov type pulp fiction, but all the stories are designed to fit into a grand, big, huge, contiguous story line. And then finally, some time during my late teens, probably around 19, after I had moved to the states to serve my country in the U.S. Air Force, I started subscribing to the Asimov fiction novelette and short stories magazine. In one of those I found out about the Asimov Foundation series, and soon got hooked on it as well, and sucked in as many of the foundation series stories as I could afford.

Anyway, this is my background. Now on to my dream…

In this dream I am part of a team exploring some sort of underground facility. If I recall correctly, the entrance to the facility looks like a standard industrial building build at the side of a hill or mountain, much like a warehouse or light industrial, multistory brick or concrete block building you would see in a hilly or mountainous town or city.

The beginning of the dream is very neboulous, I don’t recall getting there by any means, but I recall becoming lucid during the search of the facility. I recall jumping from area to area, seeing what appears to be disused labs, offices, and such similar areas. The reason we know these areas are disused is because there is a thick layer of dust and small debris on top of everything, and those areas smell musty.

But then we make it to the mess hall or kitchen and dining area, and it looks like it had been recently used, because there was fairly clean, there are fairly modern supplies on counters and in still sealed boxes. One detail that is vividly sticking in my mind is a box with a Margarita mixing kit, a bottle of pre-made mix and some drinking glasses, indicating something according to a forensic team member, but I don’t recall what he said.

The search team is intrigued but getting tired of searching and progress is slowing down because it might look like there isn’t anything to find.

This is where I start coming into the picture. I’m ignoring the grumbling of the search team members and start exploring the back rooms of the kitchen area, and discover a heavy steel door, much llike a bunker door at the back of one of the storage rooms.

After some struggling, we manage to open the room, and this is where I used to wake up as a teen. As I got older, the room behind the heavy door was revealed, showing two or three steps or a ramp leading downward a bit into a room full of vintage, maybe WWII era hardware, like parts for generators, kitchen equipment, spare parts, but also an area with shelves that still have some old rations sitting on them.

So as a tween, I would wake up when exploring this room, always when I would discover a not so hidden but obviously obscured back area, such as what would appear to be a wall separating rest rooms from a main area, but the entrance to the area being obscured by a shelf or some other object.

Then in my mid 30s to early 40’s I didn’t seem to dream much at all, or at least I would not recall my dreams. Just recently I started having lucid dreams again, and this morning is the first time I have had recollection of this dream since my 30’s.

So, this morning I recalled exploring quite a bit new territory. I seems that from this back restroom area, there is another heavy steel door, but not a bunker like door, that closed of an area about one story deeper underground, because I recall looking down into a large warehouse style cavern and being able to see quite some space.

I also recall exploring the perimeter of this large area, and discovering that it might be a dead end, but then all of a sudden I realize that some vents on the far end go from the floor to about 5 feet above the floor, there are several side-by-side, maybe 4 or 5, so I go there, and look through the vents, and there is something really interesting in there, because I wake up at that point, heart racing.

To conclude this post, I am just going to mention that if you have read the rest of my blog, you might have figured out that my interests are varied, eclectic and in some cases a little fringe…?

Let’s just say that with exception of my 30’s my viewpoint of the world around me had not been limited to the status-quo propaganda brainwashing story line that seems to have beholden the majority of the western world population.

That is just my point of view, but, if your awareness is above the sheeple, you might consider reading some of the material I mentioned in this post.

Lastly, I am absolutely not religious at all, but I consider myself very spiritual, and if you are also a lucid dreamer, I would venture to say that you probably also consider yourself spiritual. I feel very connected when I am in my garden, when I feel the energy from nature all around me.

I also feel connected to the higher power of universe, call it what you will, for you religious out there, it is God, for us non-religious, it is the 5th dimension, “The Force”, hyperspace, Gaia, or whatever.

This spiritual connection is very real, and very connected in our vibrational connection to universe. If you feel this connection, don’t ignore it, explore it, experience it, but don’t force your specific version of it onto others that have a different view. I really hate soap box preaching, religions or not.

May the Force be with you. – Star Wars

Live long and prosper; peace and long life. – Star Trek Vulcan Greeting and Response

Constitution – Preample

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The 13 colonies in 1775

Image via Wikipedia

This is to follow up on my previous post about the Constitution.

The Preamble of the Constitution was written to convey the dreams and hopes of the founding fathers and their fellow citizens, the common man, the people of the states. Here is the Preamble as written in the final draft that was signed by all the signatories:


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I took the liberty granted to me by the Constitution to rewrite the Preamble using a little more modern English to convey :

We, the people of the states united in the effort to establish a nation of liberty, hope to present this Constitution for the United States of America – in order to form a more perfect union, to establish justice, to insure domestic peacefulness and cooperation, to provide for the common defense, to promote the general prosperity and well-being, and to secure the blessings of freedom to ourselves and future generations.

So, this makes it a little more readable; and maybe a little easier to comprehend.

Anyway, there is quite a bit to the Preamble; even though it doesn’t grant any powers or rights, it just summarizes what the founding fathers hoped the new nation would become – a country where ANYONE could hope for freedom to do as they please – without violating anyone else’s rights to the same.

This means that you can say what you want, and do with your own property what you want, but don’t expect anyone to listen to you, or anyone not to steal your property if you don’t secure it or identify it as YOUR property. I will cover all this when I get to the Amendments.


United States Constitution

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Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer

Image via Wikipedia

Blogging, or standing on a soap box and telling others what you think, is a guaranteed right under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, or so people interpret this Amendment.

I plan on reading the entire constitution over the next few weeks, examining what the Constitution REALLY says, and then I will report what I find here.

Along with my own interpretation I will also comment on how our “inalienable  human rights” are being slowly taken away, and how our founding father looked at some of these issues and why they wrote the content of the constitution the way they did.

Reading and comprehending the Constitution of the United States of America should be mandatory, required reading in all United States Schools.  Having grown up in Socialist West Germany (before the unification) I have a somewhat different point of view when it comes to education and human rights, and I cannot understand how a vast portion of the United States of America populace is so blasé about their vanishing rights and freedoms that ultimately define us as uniquely “American.”

It is this unique level of liberty that brings so many people to this country in the first place!

I don’t like politics, but many people would probably classify me as a Constitutionalist or Libertarian, but I really don’t side with any political party, I rather consider myself an Independent, so if you want to comment on that, please leave politics out of the picture.

However, leaving politics out of the picture still leaves the fact that I believe in certain rights and freedoms that are part of these political affiliations, so I cannot completely disassociate myself from the politics.

Because of this I will also be studying up on the actions and policies of the political groups and commenting my thoughts on the whole political business how it relates to me and how it may affect my political leanings in the future.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for future posts regarding these subject matters and my feelings on what it means to be an American.


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A glass of kefir at a Polish cafe in London.

Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday I was talking about regaining some of my health; one of my current health issues is that I am lactose intolerant, or have become so over the last few years since I have come to the United States from Germany.

I think part of it is how they process milk and milk products here in the USA vs. Germany.

Well, when doing some research about lactose intolerance, I came across references to fermentation, and eventually Kefir.

I will not get into explaining what Kefir is, except its a fermented milk product. There is a very good Australian web site that has a wealth of information on Kefir, check out Dom’s Kefir in-site.

I plan on ordering some of his Kefir grains and give it a whirl.

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