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Horoscope – 2013.01.20

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Moonchild (Photo credit: 35mm Caliber)

CANCER Jan, 20, 2013

You may be tempted to make your love life your priority right now, Moonchild, but it would be wiser to attend to other important relationships. There may be a family member – such as a parent, sibling, or other close relative – who really needs your attention. There may have been a rift between the two of you recently, and you really need to take the steps to begin mending it. This individual, who was extremely important in your past, is also a huge part of your present and your future. Dedicate some time to nurturing this bond.

I have no idea who from my past would be so extremely important other than my father. There has never been a rift between us, but there has always been a lot of physical distance between us that has prevented us from interacting as much as we would love to.

My dad has always been important to me, and I supposed if we would be closer, distance wise, we could do so many things together that would help both of us to be much more productive.

Just spending time together when we can is always a pleasure. We are much alike and different in other way, but we always seem to get along and have much to talk and debate when we spent time together.

I really should try to spend more online time with my dad!

Horoscope – 2013.01.18

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CANCER Jan, 18, 2013

Around this time last year there was something you wanted very badly. You wanted it so passionately and so adoringly that when it didn’t arrive on your doorstep (especially if it was the doorstep to your heart), you became very disillusioned and maybe a bit sad. And so, Moonchild, you chose to stop wanting it. But this desire is still burning deep inside you, even if you can’t still see the smoke or feel the heat. In the next few weeks, you will have a real chance to make this desire a reality. Don’t be afraid to reach for it.

Unless it has something to do with my interest in gardening I’m clueless as to what this desire is, LOL.

I guess these next few weeks will tell?

Horoscope – 2013.01.15

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CANCER Jan, 15, 2013

You may not discover the meaning of life this year, Moonchild, but you will almost certainly discover the point of your place in this life – or you will at least begin that journey. You have wondered for a long time about your purpose here. You probably have had a very good idea of what you think it is – or, rather, what you thought it was. Lately, your lack of success in this area has given you a few doubts. But in the months ahead, a few small miracles will prove to you that you were right all along.

Uh boy, right, I have my dreams… but will they really come true?

Only time will tell…

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