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Google Doodles for 21 Apr

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2012 – Austria, Germany, Switzerland – Friedrich Fröbel‘s 230th Birthday

Friedrich Fröbel's 230th Birthday

Friedrich Fröbel's 230th Birthday

2012 – Brazil – Brasilia‘s Anniversary

Brasilia's Anniversary

Brasilia's Anniversary

2011-2010 – none

2009 – Indonesia – Kartini Day 2009

Kartini Day 2009

Kartini Day 2009

2008 – Earth Day 2008

Earth Day 2008

Earth Day 2008

2007 – none

2006 – Earth Day 2006

Earth Day 2006

Earth Day 2006

2003 – Earth Day 2003

Earth Day 2003

Earth Day 2003

2002-1998 – none

Later I will research some historical facts later to fill in the missing years.


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English: Google Logo officially released on Ma...

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Wow, it’s been over 7 months since my last post!

Well, I’m going to try to resume posting a little more reliably. I will start back up with little trivial things I find on the internet.

Today, I will start with a cool find I got from Google. I performed a “I’m feeling lucky” search  with no search queries, and ended up on

Google Doodles are pretty cool. They are those enhanced Google logo graphics that show up for special occasions. Anyway, I think I will look those up, and if there is/was once for that day of any year, I will check them out and comment about the subject matter a little. Anyway, not much time for that right this second since I’m at work, but I will revisit this a little later today.

Lotus Notes – Google – iPhone sync

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I have always been frustrated with the disconnectedness of my Lotus Notes calendar at work and my personal calendar on my iPhone, but I have now found the solution:

This product runs on your work PC, and after some faily simple configuration, synchronizes my work calendar with my Google calendar and, it in turn syncs with my iPhone.


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