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Health – lack of money equals unhappiness

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So, I don’t think I have mentioned that back in early December that I was told one day to go home and wait for a call that never came when to come back in to work.

I can’t really get into why I was told to go home, however, I can say that as of yet, they have not called me back, and I have not received a paycheck in close to 4 weeks now.

I can tell you that the old adage that “money buys happiness” is not very true, just because you have money does not by extension make you happy, however, the reverse, the “lack of money causes unhappiness” is a fully true statement!

I am currently experiencing the unhappy feeling of not having the funds to pay the bills on time, so I am increasingly becoming more and more depressed, which in turn is making me more and more unhappy.

I MUST find a job, SOON!

Meetings, telecons, ugh…

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This morning’s meeting and telecon at work were really busy and filled with info… my mind is spinning… so much to do and so little time to do it… ROFL

I think I will use this blog to just flush my mind, and hopefully, over time, I will contribute more usefule information… or maybe I will start a new blog… I really would like to discuss issues related to my (what I call) personal and family economy (also called a budget).

This would include what I plan on doing to help our stretched-to-the-limit personal economy by planting a garden and other projects that will reduce the food budget and other things I can do to reduce our expenditures.

Anyway, back to work… :-O

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