Magic: The Gathering

This is one of those games that sticks around, kinda like Monopoly and Dungeons & Dragons. It is a timeless game, and I keep returning to it after certain time of hiatus.

I started playing originally back when 4th edition was ending it’s print cycle, and when Ice Age came out I really jumped on board.

I played mostly weenie decks comprised of cards from the Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark,  and Fallen Empires expansions, and of course the 4th Edition until I could buy a whole box of Ice Age booster packs. At that time I also started collecting M:TG cards and built a nice but incomplete collection starting with Arabian Nights.

I continued to play until around the time Weatherlight came out, at which point I started loosing my playing mates, and then I slowly went to collecting only, heavily trading on card forums on CompuServe, and later on the Internet starting around 1998. During the 9/11 attacks I lost interest in maintaining the collecting and just traded and bought a few packs or cards here and there.

I moved during that time frame, as well as losing my job, being unemployed from 1998 to about 2000, then got busy working but started playing again around 2007 when 10 Edition came out, stopped when Shards of Alara came out, got back into it in 2009 for M2010 and Zendikar, quit and returned for M2013 and a little for Ravnica, and have been out of it again since.

I am feeling a need to return to the game, so this is what prompted me to create this page on my blog as of today, 2016.10.13

(to be continued, I am working on this here an there when I have a free minute)

2019.03.17.1123 CDT – Page moved to Games & VR and this update history added
2017.10.13.1023 CDT – Page created

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