Book Review – Google Power

Google Power – Unleash the Full Potential of Google is a book published by Chris Sherman in 2005 – ISBN 0-07-225787-3

I was waiting in my vet office front lobby to get my dog looked at the other day (in March of 2019) and they have a shelf with donated items. These items are “for sale” for a donation towards the low income pet care fund the vet office operates – a noble and worthwhile program!

There were several books on the shelf, and this book was one of them… so I looke dit up and it can be had on Amazon and ThiftBooks for about US$3-4, so I donated $3 and brought it home, despite knowing that 14 years of search engine advancements has probably made some of the book irrelevant or outdated.

However, my intent is to see how dated the information is, and how much of it can still be used today, in 2019!!!


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