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Spring Garden – 1st sowing

Posted in Uncategorized on 2019/03/08 by rmolby

Well, this winter drug out longer than I thought… normally I would and should be sowing radishes and garden peas in February, but it is what it is.

From my Google Image Library

With assistance of my Chihuahua garden helper I got about 3 feet of my fence line prepared.

I used a saw’z’all to rip the soil about 4-6 inches from the fence. I ripped the ground in the same line two to three times to make sure it was fairly easy to insert my edging.

I then inserted black, scalloped edging into the ground leaving it raised above the grass about 2-3 inches.

I then inserted corrugated cardboard folded into u-channels. I folded along the corrugation shaping a gutter style shape, and then inserted those right on top of weeds and grass. I overlapped the cardboard by 3-4 inches, and placed brick on it to keep the cardboard in place.

You can see in picture that I don’t care about being consistently the same distance from the fence.

In the above picture you can see the bricks on the end holding up some wood block that are 5.75 inches wide (cut-offs from a 2×6 framing stick).

I then mixed up my standard soil mix, soil from previous veggie beds, compost, Miracle-Gro organic soil mix, semi-composed leaf mould, and some amendment like Azomite, Dr. Earth veggie fertilizer, and or wood ashes and filled the trench / raised bed.

Finally, I sowed Garden Peas (Alaska variety) really close to the fence, and I will add some flavor of radish when I buy some at the big box store.

You can also review the rest of the pictures here.

News – Bitcoin ETF

Posted in Uncategorized on 2017/02/06 by rmolby

This morning I scanned the Google News Feed and spotted a piece by the Wall Street Journal about Bitcoin ETFs that are pending approval.

I will comment more on this later today, but I wanted to get the site linked so I don’t forget.

Keep checking back for my comments and thoughts

What “Patience is a Virtue” means

Posted in Blogging, Liberty, LifeStyle, Spirituality, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on 2016/08/27 by rmolby

“Patience is a Virtue” When some people want something, they want it now. They demand to have it now. They don’t have time to wait. They will take what they can get now, rather than waiting a littl…

Source: What “Patience is a Virtue” means

I came across the post while researching the saying  “Patience is a Virtue” and this blog post does a better job of stating what it is than I could have said.

Patience is part spirituality, part self-control, part lifestyle, and is something not many people these days have. I personally have become much more impatient these days, but it is mostly because of all the impatience exhibited by all the other people around me.

They are dragging me down with the sinking ship that is our current civilization…

I hope and pray I can detach myself and survive the depths of plunge the current scuttled ship called civilization is taking.

I must regain my control over my own life so I can resume my self-improvement, self-education to bring my own spirituality to a higher level.

Environment – Nutrient Cycling

Posted in Environment, Health, Home, Nature, Uncategorized with tags , on 2015/12/26 by rmolby

Today I prepared a meal of leftovers from our Christmas dinner and an Indian-Chinese fried rice meal. After I ate I went to rinse the bowl of the orange colored turmeric residue stuck to it, and it occurred to me what a waste it is to rinse even these minute remnants of health down the drain.

What if our domiciles were engineered to recycle all waste streams, whether on-site with gray water and kitchen scraps, locally in the community for items like paper and yard waste, or in the case of plastics, metals and such, on a regional level.

If our ability to cycle even small amounts of nutrients on-site goes up, then we keep more vitality local, and by using the (waste) nutrients from our wash water to grow more food for ourselves, and cycle those nutrients as much as possible, we reduce the long distance food hauling fuel footprint as well.

Each time we cycle the nutrients on-site, we are keeping fertility for our benefit, reducing fertilization costs to us, as well as stretching commercially mined fertilizers and minerals further, giving future generations more time to improve the nutrient cycling even further.

To be truly effective, the waste recovery process needs to start as close as possible to the usage source. The sooner we can intercept waste reclamation, the easier it will be to do so. So, not only would we be able to recycle nutrients, but also vital resources such as water. By recycling both nutrients and water on-site, say by using the wash water from the kitchen sink to fertigate food plants, we also reduce our potable water needs keeping us from depleting fresh water resources, especially aquifers that are depleting at alarming rates.

Our ultimate goal should be leaving this world in the same or better shape than we found it – so, if I get a chance to build a new home, I plan on designing in as many resource capturing means as possible.

Home made “Grounding” Sheet

Posted in Uncategorized on 2015/12/01 by rmolby

I have been reading about grounding for some time now, and I think I will try to make my own grounding sheet soon as I feel very fatigued lately.


I know, I know, it sounds like a weird idea–what in the heck is a grounding sheet? Well, I came across the concept while reading a book which mentioned disrupted circadian rhythms usually led to weight gain, feeling sluggish in the morning, snack cravings at night (hence weight gain), etc, and I thought–“Whoops! That sounds like me!” So I started looking into ways to get back into balance. I haven’t managed to get up early and stay in the sun for a half hour between 7 and 9 am yet (precious little sun here lately, anyway–raining now, s’matteroffact), but I thought, “Sleep must be a real culprit–I wake every morning almost more tired than I went to bed!” So delving a little deeper, I found out about grounding sheets.

The idea of a grounding sheet is to connect us electrically (we’re pretty electrical, believe it or not–every thought is a…

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Posted in Uncategorized on 2015/11/24 by rmolby

Source: BLACKHAWK Shemaugh

Investments – CDs

Posted in Uncategorized on 2015/11/20 by rmolby

If anyone is interested in investing with CDs, but you don’t have an investment account, or the amount you can put into a CD is less than $1000 or $500 like many investment funds require, CapitolOne360 offers a nice option.

If you setup a checking account with them, you can open as many small CDs as you want, I have several small CDs of $10-25. As of this writing these CDs only earn .40% for short term (6-18 months), goes to 1% at 24/30 months, 1.6% for 36 months, 1.76% for 48 months, and 2.1% for 60 months.

However, if you let the dividends roll over on maturity, you will be compounding the interest. If you calculate that out, then it turns out the measly .4% combined with the 6 month dividends yields more than the longer term CDs, so I have my money in 6 month CDs staggered  2-4 weeks apart base on being able to buy them on payday.

The other advantage is that the money become available again during the maturity time frame, so every so many weeks I get a CD that is maturing, and if I need a little money that week, I can just tell the CD not to roll over, but to pay out completely.

So, if you want to make a little money, and beat the inflation rate over the longer term, 5-35 years, and you only have small amounts to invest, then look into 6 month CDs at CapitolOne360.

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