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Horoscope – 2013.01.15

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CANCER Jan, 15, 2013

You may not discover the meaning of life this year, Moonchild, but you will almost certainly discover the point of your place in this life – or you will at least begin that journey. You have wondered for a long time about your purpose here. You probably have had a very good idea of what you think it is – or, rather, what you thought it was. Lately, your lack of success in this area has given you a few doubts. But in the months ahead, a few small miracles will prove to you that you were right all along.

Uh boy, right, I have my dreams… but will they really come true?

Only time will tell…

Horoscope – 2013.01.14

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Osage Hills State Park Map

Osage Hills State Park Map (Photo credit: gmeador)

CANCER Jan, 14, 2013

This is a day for comfort, Moonchild. You may be feeling blue or overwhelmed, and you need to spend the day seeking comfort and peace. You may have a lot on your plate right now, but it won’t hurt you to take a brief hiatus from your responsibilities wherever possible. The world will not stop if you rest today. The bigger issue is how will you change the way you’re feeling – how can you lift yourself up and feel hopeful? The universe is at work on that at this very moment. You may find it hard to believe right now, but your world will soon be much more joyful.

Well, today is indeed a day to relax. The wife didn’t feel up to travelling home from our 3rd year wedding anniversary trip to Osage Hills State Park yesterday, so we checked with the park office, and the cabin was not reserved, so we extended our stay one day.

In addition, we found out they are offering a military discount of 25%, so we get getting to stay for less than we anticipated. Yay!

We will see what joyful things the universe will throw at us next…

Horoscope – 2013.01.13

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CANCER Jan, 13, 2013

More than one mother over the history of time has told her son or daughter that it’s possible to “learn to love” someone. Any caring mother would want her child to have love in his/her life, and it doesn’t seem all that implausible to some people that someone you’re not wild about can grow on you. But as a Moonchild, that advice may not apply.  You’re very picky, and you need to have a real and deep connection with a person to even consider getting closer to them. Don’t anyone convince you that what you’re feeling in your heart is wrong.

I have no idea how to take this in my current life, other than to say I love my wife. She supports me, lifts me up spiritually  and overall loves me for who I am in general. 🙂

Horoscope – 2013.01.11

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CANCER Jan, 11, 2013

With certain cantankerous family members, you may need to be the voice of reason today, Moonchild. You are very family-oriented, and your loved ones know that you will always be there for them. If there is some kind of family drama going on right now, it would be wise to take the lead and look for practical solutions to the problem. Keep your emotions in check, and try to be the mediator for the more difficult personalities that surround you. If you remain calm and cool, you can bring everyone onto the same page.

Boy, am I not equipped to be a mediator. I prefer to stay out of my family’s cantankerous interactions with each other. ‘Nuff said.

Horoscope – 2013.01.10

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ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

CANCER Jan, 10, 2013

You are teetering on the edge of a new and exciting idea. You are hesitant to take the plunge and to make an attempt at turning the idea into a real opportunity. You fear you could make a mistake, or maybe you’re just afraid that no one will take you seriously or will think you’re thinking is faulty or even flaky. Then again, Moonchild, if you’re really onto something – and it’s likely that you are – this idea could transform some area of your life in a wonderful way. Think of terms of the possibilities this idea could ultimately bring – they include prosperity and fulfillment through a creative pursuit. It’s certainly worth looking into.

Wow, okay, in previous horoscopes I was told some “wonderful, happy future” is imminent, and now today’s horoscope. Too wild.

Let’s look at the above though; the statement that I’m really into something… well, I really am into gardening, of the food variety kind. I love to nurture food plants in my backyard garden. I would love to have more time to dedicate to it, so I could grow more things, and hence eat more from my garden.

Then the second thing that struck me is the “creative pursuit” statement. For the last 15 years or so, I have worked in the computer support and centralized IT world, and as part of my knowledge I have learned about 3D printing using machines like MakerBot and RepRap. I have been imagining printing 3D contraption or inventions that will help me further my gardening efforts.

I am not ready to reveal my ideas for the 3D printed parts, yet, but maybe this is my creative part I need to discover?

Horoscope – 2013.01.06

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CANCER Jan, 06, 2013

Chaos isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Moonchild. Chaos is defined as a place of great disorder or confusion. Your life may seem that way right now, but that’s probably because everything hasn’t yet fallen into place. There has been some upheaval in your life recently, and the dust hasn’t settled – even though it may have been awhile. The reason for this is that you may not believe it will – or can – settle down. You may fear that things will never be as you envisioned them, due to a fearful mood. But overwhelmingly positive change is imminent. Something wonderful has the power to settle everything into place so that the life you’ve imagined can begin to take root. Remain hopeful and positive.

I can definitely relate to the chaos part. While recovering from my kidney stone health issue, I am getting a chance here and there to sit back and look at the world go by.

We are living in crazy times, in a crazy civilization, where a crazy planet is throwing crazy curve-balls our way.

I don’t know what to make of the horoscope other than to keep sitting back and letting life go by so I can watch and observe, hopefully I can see a glimmer of the “wonderful.”

Horoscope – 2013.01.05

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CANCER Jan, 05, 2013

You can make big, positive changes in your life this year, Moonchild. After the difficulties of last year – with each step that felt like an uphill battle – you may find this hard to believe. You may have come to feel oppressed or unable to help yourself. But you are strong and you are resilient, and this year you will be inspired to move forward toward an auspicious and happy future. And when you need a little help, the universe will step in and provide what you need, as long as you keep trying and keep believing.

Hmm, I’m really wondering what this “happy future” is all about. In yesterday’s horoscope

“wonderful” was mentioned, I wonder if these have something to do with each other, or will come hand-in-hand with each other.

I really don’t know what to expect…?

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