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Economics – Indias war on Gold and Bitcoin

Posted in Blogging, Economy, Politics with tags , , , , , , , on 2013/12/29 by rmolby

While perusing some news feeds this morning, I came across a headline stating India is declaring war on Bitcoin but without a link to the source material, so I searched on this subject via DuckDuckGo and came across a few interesting articles.

The first one if from June 2013 reporting that because the Indian FIAT currency, the Rupee, is basically inflating relentlessly, and India’s citizens had been investing in Gold to preserve their meager wealth, so the India central bank basically banned Gold.

So then in August 2013 we get such headlines as U.S. Government eyes regulation of ‘Bitcoins

Then in November 2013, we get more news coverage such as:

US regulations are hampering Bitcoin’s growth

and now in December, we see such headlines as:

China cracks down on Bitcoin

India’s biggest Bitcoin operator halts trade

India declares war on bitcoin

So what do all of these countries have in common?

They all are in fear of their FIAT currencies being replaced by something more stable, but much more simple to use than gold, however, even gold is feared since they cannot print more of it – they cannot inflate themselves out of a pickle, so just like Microsoft will either destroy or buy the competition, the same holds true for the countries who fear Bitcoin and gold; they want to either control it or destroy it.

Where does this leave us plain Joe Publics?

Keep using and investing in both, they are already reaping our wealth in the form of taxes, levies, and inflation of the national currencies, so what do we have to lose, if they eventually come for both Bitcoin and Gold, they would have done so anyway through other means, this gives us a little more time to use our funds.

Bury your Gold and spend your Bitcoins!

Of course, I’m delusional and misguided, what do I know ROFLMAO…

Values Test Results for Feb 2012 and discussion of Value #1

Posted in Health, Liberty, Politics, Spirituality with tags , , , on 2012/02/22 by rmolby

From time to time I like to go to and build a list of values that are important to me.

Now all I have to figure out is how I should act upon these values/feelings/emotions…!

Here are the results of today’s values test ranked by importance:

1. Liberty (16 votes)
2. Privacy (13 votes)
3. Imagination (12 votes)
4. Serenity (11 votes)
5. Self-reliance (11 votes)
6. Sexuality (10 votes)
7. Financial independence (10 votes)
8. Realism (9 votes)
9. Craftiness (7 votes)
10. Prosperity (7 votes)
11. Vitality (6 votes)
12. Perseverance (6 votes)
13. Frugality (6 votes)
14. Comfort (5 votes)
15. Economy (4 votes)
16. Honor (2 votes)
17. Making a difference (1 votes)

So, maybe I can try to address some of these over the next few days, and maybe I can set some goals to accomplish those goals or act upon those values.

Let me address #1 – Liberty, right now:

I choose to live my life according to my own free will. I don’t care what other people think and do, as long as their actions and choices do not infringe on my own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (LLPH)!

The United States Constitution protects my right to LLPH, but does not grant it. No one can grant one the right to LLPH, it is given to you at conception by the love of your parents, and reaffirmed by the pains of your mother throughout maternity, and the efforts of your parent(s) to raise you to become a responsible human being.

Some people think that god, the almighty creator, or whatever they believe in, gives you that right, but that is just a bunch of crap. You are born with the right – it’s greedy, spineless humans that try to take this right from you with laws, religion, or any other such contrivance(s).

So the right, the freedom, the liberty to choose to do whatever you feel like without infringing on someone else’s right to the same is what I am after.

The biggest thing I hate is when people feel the need to convince me of something. If I am interested in a subject, that is fine and I will be glad to discuss it with you, but don’t tell me what to eat, how much exercise to get, what to believe, or not to believe – I’m fully capable of making my own decisions, and research myself any subject I’m interested in.

So, basically, leave me be and all is good 🙂

United States Constitution

Posted in Constitutional Liberty, Liberty, Politics with tags , , , , , , , on 2011/01/02 by rmolby
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer

Image via Wikipedia

Blogging, or standing on a soap box and telling others what you think, is a guaranteed right under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, or so people interpret this Amendment.

I plan on reading the entire constitution over the next few weeks, examining what the Constitution REALLY says, and then I will report what I find here.

Along with my own interpretation I will also comment on how our “inalienable  human rights” are being slowly taken away, and how our founding father looked at some of these issues and why they wrote the content of the constitution the way they did.

Reading and comprehending the Constitution of the United States of America should be mandatory, required reading in all United States Schools.  Having grown up in Socialist West Germany (before the unification) I have a somewhat different point of view when it comes to education and human rights, and I cannot understand how a vast portion of the United States of America populace is so blasé about their vanishing rights and freedoms that ultimately define us as uniquely “American.”

It is this unique level of liberty that brings so many people to this country in the first place!

I don’t like politics, but many people would probably classify me as a Constitutionalist or Libertarian, but I really don’t side with any political party, I rather consider myself an Independent, so if you want to comment on that, please leave politics out of the picture.

However, leaving politics out of the picture still leaves the fact that I believe in certain rights and freedoms that are part of these political affiliations, so I cannot completely disassociate myself from the politics.

Because of this I will also be studying up on the actions and policies of the political groups and commenting my thoughts on the whole political business how it relates to me and how it may affect my political leanings in the future.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for future posts regarding these subject matters and my feelings on what it means to be an American.

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