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MTG – M13 – Primal Clay

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , , on 2012/08/26 by rmolby
Primal Clay

Primal Clay

Primal Clay is my first MTG FOIL card in M13. It is quite a versatile card based on its description.

Being that it is a FOIL I will not play this card until I get a regular one, but I will probably include it into one of my decks.

MTG – M13 – Unsummon

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , , , on 2012/08/25 by rmolby


Unsummon is my next MTG card from the first 15 card booster pack I opened a month ago. Being that it is a blue card I probably will not use it in any of my decks since I don’t care playing with blue cards.

But this card is a powerful card for only one blue mana… it can put a crimp into the plans of any player using creatures as their main component in their deck.

MTG – M13 – Rise from the Grave

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , , , on 2012/07/29 by rmolby
Rise from the Grave

Rise from the Grave

Rise from the Grave is the next MTG card. This being a uncommon card, and what the sorcery can do, makes it a powerful card, but it is black, and my first M13 centered deck will most likely be White-Green with maybe a touch of Red, so this card is out for now.

But, if I ever decide to build a Black-Red or Black-Green based deck, then this might be a viable and powerful deck, especially against a strong white or green based deck that has powerful creatures in it. Something to keep in mind 😀

MTG – M13 – War Priest of Thune

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags on 2012/07/29 by rmolby
War Priest of Thune

War Priest of Thune

War Priest of Thune is the next Magic: The Gathering card I pulled from the 6 card booster pack. Of course, this may have been the 3rd or forth card in order in the pack, but since this is the first M2013 pack I opened up I already put them cards into my Ultra-Pro rind binder sleeves, so this makes this the second card in my M2013 collection.

This is an alright card, and I may try to put two of them into my deck. We shall see if this card has any value with my other cards.

MTG – M13 – Ajani’s Sunstriker

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , , on 2012/07/28 by rmolby
Ajani's Sunstriker

Ajani’s Sunstriker

This is one of the cards I got out of my recent 6 card booster pack I got at Wally World.

Being that it is a common card, and has Lifelink, I think I will try to acquire four of these and put them in my deck. Combined with some of the other abilities of some of the cards I’m thinking of using would make this an excellent addition.

We’ll see if I can buy any of these in the local stores.

MTG – M2013

Posted in Blogging, Entertainment, Games with tags , , , , , on 2012/07/28 by rmolby
Magic: The Gathering card back

Magic: The Gathering card back (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, Magic 2013, also referred to M2013 or M13, has been released. Yay.

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to resume playing Magic: The Gathering (MTG), and what better way than to return to the game right when a new core set (ad link) comes out.

Anyway, I bought a 6 card booster packet, and in the next few posts I will introduce the cards and talk about each one of them a little, provide a picture to the card, and wether or not I will be using this card in my deck.

I am also going through my older cards and checking to see which ones are still legal to play and use them to build my initial weenie deck, LOL, just like I did 3-4 years ago when M2010 first came out…

Anyway, more to come on the card I got in this packet…

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