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Game Review – The West Quests

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , on 2019/03/29 by rmolby

Quests are probably the fun and adventurous thing to do in this game.

To gain experience with the game and the game interface, one of the first things you learn about is the basic quests.

Probably one the things to keep in mind when you start taking on quests is to start out with just one or two quests.

Quest Givers in The West

Once you get the hang of the game, the interface and the playing dynamics, you will want to take on 4-10 quests at a time, and try to combine items you need to find or work for so you can gather them in one walking or horseback riding trip.

Keep an eye on the quests panel and use the compass button next to each item you need to find to bring up the mini map and find all the items that are the closes to each other and gather them by making multiple short trips from one location to another.

If you gain lots of $$$ with each gathering, stop at a town nearby and deposit your $$$ into the bank.

You can also complete quests from the quests panel once you see all the items required have a green check-mark next to them.

Game Review – The West – Adventure Character

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , on 2019/03/17 by rmolby

So, when playing The West eventually you get to choose a character bonus, and I chose the adventurer character type.

As you can see from the image, the bonus advantages are pretty good. I have yet to try any other character type, but if I was living in this era for real, I think I would have ended up as a drifter/adventurer and so in the end that character type appealed to be the most.

Games – Forge of Empires

Posted in Blogging, Entertainment, Games with tags , , , on 2019/03/17 by rmolby

I discovered a cool game, Forge of Empires, just this year of 2019. It is a fun game to play and I have it running at all time that I am at home and doing stuff on the computer.

I also have it installed on my Android Phone as an app, so I can check in on my empire from time to time at work (on breaks and at lunch only, of course!) and anywhere I am when I am mobile.

Check out more at my Reviews section about the game.

Black Friday Post Holiday

Posted in Blogging, Food, Games, Holiday with tags , , , on 2012/11/24 by rmolby

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

WordPress logo

EDIT: I checked this post this morning to see how good the iPhone version of the WordPress app is, and it will do for mobile posting, but I had to come back and do some slight editing, mostly for paragraph and alignment issues, and to add/activate topic links.

Well, here I sit in my host family’s husbands easy chair in the living room of their house after waking up at my normal early self.

I usually cannot go back to sleep once I’m awake, so after a bathroom break I decided to sit in the easy chair and check my phone.

I thought “what can I do to keep myself entertained without my laptop?”

I then remembered seeing the iPhone app for WordPress and decided to download it and give it a try.

So far so good! I like the fact that I can create a post during idle time with stuff on my mind, maybe it will encourage me to post more often.

In other news, my extended family we have, due to marriage of my wife’s older son, has been fun to hang out with and spend the day after Thanksgiving with and have big TG dinner of ham and turkey and sides, dessert, and good company.

Well I guess I will post this and update and fine tune the post when I have access to my laptop again.

MTG – Fog

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , on 2012/08/26 by rmolby



This is one of my standby card for green decks. I have several from previous editions and will include some into my next deck.

MTG – M13 – Trumpet Blast

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , on 2012/08/26 by rmolby

Trumpet Blast

Trumpet Blast

Trumpet Blast is one of those instants that will most likely be included in my decks if it is red based.

This one also came from my first 15 card booster pack I bought a month ago.

MTG – M13 – Servant of Nefarox

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , on 2012/08/26 by rmolby

Servant of Nefarox

Servant of Nefarox

The next card from the 15 card M2013 booster pack. This one would make a great addition to a black based weenie deck.

MTG – M13 – Forest Basic Land

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , on 2012/08/26 by rmolby

Forest - Basic Land

Forest – Basic Land

OK, this land came out of my M2013 6 card booster pack. It is the first from M2013 and is going into the collection since it is mint condition.

I have so much land from previous editions that I can use those instead and save my first copy of all the lands for the collection.

I really hope I will get some of the non-basic lands so I can have more abilities from my land cards.

MTG – M13 – Naturalize

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , on 2012/08/26 by rmolby



The next card I pulled from the 15 card M2013 booster pack is Naturalize. Any of my decks that contain green card will have four of these included, they come in handy against those artifact, white or blue decks.

Since they pretty much sell for 10 cents online, I will order four or eight of these to make sure I have enough for my active playing deck(s).

MTG – M13 – Goblin Battle Jester

Posted in Entertainment, Games with tags , , , , , , on 2012/08/26 by rmolby

Goblin Battle Jester

Goblin Battle Jester

This was the next card I pulled. This one is a contender for inclusion into one of my decks once I get more than this one.

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