My name is Richard Molby.

Welcome to my blog.

2015.01.29 – Third Revision of “About” mostly for typos and sentence structure.
2014.09.22 – Second Revision of “About”

Boy, I tell, I have come a long way from 2010, when first started this blog. Today I just pretty much say what I want. I guess as I get older I get more secure in my own skin!

So, like I said below, “I originally started this blog because I wanted to learn more about WordPress, blogging, and social media.”

I have learned a little about WordPress, learned a lot about blogging and social media. I still despise Facebook, but all the other social media are fine and some are fun. I especially like Google and Google+ as I have been embedded into the Googleverse since the Google search engine became the know-it-all behemoth years ago.

In some ways it is scary how much information the Google servers know, process, without many humans really knowing what is stored, but there is a wealth of knowledge and information to be gleaned if you know how to search for it. At least Google doesn’t build their social network to specifically target their users information for resale, like some networks do… I routinely look for myself on Google, and I believe I have done a decent job of keeping personal information I don’t want anyone to know, to a minimum.

Anyway, I am a study of Generational differences and diversity; I am a history buff, and love the history of the Roman Empire and the nations involved in World War 2, especially Third Reich Germany and the technological advancement driven during this war by both Germany, the US, and the UK; I’m a study of health and natural processes, and how they are being abused to poison us and this planet, and how We The People of Planet Earth can use these same processes to make us and the planet healthier; I love tinkering with technology, and how to incorporate the tech into our lives without it destroying the planet and us; I am a Jack-of-all-Trades, Master-of-none. I know a little about a lot of things, usually enough to be dangerous, I know a bunch about a few things that makes me very good as certain skills like troubleshooting Microsoft and PC problems, and I know a lot about just a few single subject that make me excellent at those very few skills.

As you will see from my posts I have a diverse spread of interests, and I have a hard time deciding on what to comment on next. Feel free to leave comments on anything I have to say in my blog posts, just keep in mind, if you attack any of my readers that also comment, I will remove your post and ban you from my blog. You can say anything to me, and I will only sensor comments that contain certain foul language. Other than that feel free to let me have it.

Enjoy my blog, and if you have something worthwhile to say, comment at the end of the blog posts.




2012.07.28 – First Revised “About”

I originally started this blog because I wanted to learn more about WordPress, blogging, and social media. I had never blogged before, and rarely commented on blogs or forum posts.

After much hesitation, I decided to start this blog and just be me, and let me out, to be viewed, picked apart, and commented on.

I am of the Gen-X generation, and don’t really care what others think of me. This probably comes from the generational problem of us Gen-X’ers having been ignored or ridiculed by the older generations (my parents and a few of my teachers being noted exeptions), so we grew up thinking that no one cares what we think and they, the older generations, do what they think is right, for us, regardless of what we think.

So, feel free to say what you want. Short of using inappropriate foul language, I don’t care what you say, and you need to take what I say with a grain of salt. The only rule I have is this: do not insult each other, I will delete your comment(s) and ban you from the blog.




2010.10.27 Original “About”

My name is Richard Molby and I have never blogged, twittered, or contributed to the web or internet cloud in this fashion in the past.

Of course this doesn’t mean I have not designed web pages before. In the future I will upload all my old web pages to a new host so you can see my previous work, but for right now lets just say that I’m new to this blogging thing.

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