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Tesla Cyber Truck is a joke!@#$

Posted in Technology with tags , , , , , on 2019/11/22 by rmolby

So, I stayed up later than I should have to watch the Tesla Cyber Truck reveal – what a disappointment!

First of all, it looks like the F117’s steal fighter’s ugly duckling step child, and it is not practical in any way other than for some damn city slicker wannabe cowboy to roll his ATV into it and go tear up nature.

This vehicle was a masturbation of ego on Elon’s part and his designers… and what a failure! The tailgate ramp jammed, the windows broke after the impressive glass demo, the bed cover is a disaster waiting to happen.

The only really awesome item on the agenda was the stressed steel skin and maybe the glass break demo off the vehicle – I am not even going to call that a truck!!! WHATEVER Tesla!!!

This thing overall is a big pile of garbage, just like their Space Ship Mk-1 is a piece of garbage… before they put something like this in front of the publish, they need to get their $hit together and come out with a refined product like they have done with the Model S, X, 3, Y, and Semi…

I sincerely hope we will NEVER see this piece of crap waste of awesome steel technology on any web site or video channel again!

@elonmusk @Tesla are you seeing this!

You just disappointed a Tesla fan to the point where I don’t give a crap about EVs and the only reason why I will NOW buy a Tesla is because of the FSD future and the charging network.

Get off the dope and design a REAL truck… WAIT… you already have a REAL truck, why are you not scaling it down to pickup size?


Look to Bollinger for a real working man’s truck and to Rivian for the city slicker crowd!!!

Elon Musk – get real!!!

After publishing this post, I decided to see what others think about this dismal failure on Tesla’s part, and I think I agree with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, who compared it to Ford’s Edsel disaster, and in his NY Times piece Karen Zraik mentions Elon’s comment:

Trucks have been the same for a very long time,” he said. “Like a hundred years, trucks have been basically the same. We want to try something different.

No $shit Sherlock, pickups have not changed for a REASON… the basic design is sound and functional!!!

If I drop a 2x8x16 beam on the Cybertruck’s bed cover, I will need to get a new bed cover! If I drop a heavy I-beam acroiss the bed, I will have to replace the whole damn vehicle!!! At least with a regular pickup I can just replace the bed!!!

John Koetsier said it well over at Forbes:

Tesla Cybertruck Is Ugly As Sin. There, I Said It

John pretty much is on the same thought level as I am, and also likes the Bollinger Pickup and SUV…

CNN’s Business’s Peter Valdes-Dapena is also critical of the Cybertruck and even though I hate the MSM (Maint Stream Media) I have to agree for the most part what they all say.

So, I still hate it… it’s ugly… is non-functional from a work truck standpoint… it’s junk… period.

The Tesla Effect!

Posted in Economy, Technology with tags , , , , , , on 2019/11/15 by rmolby

WOW, what a few eventful months it has been!

Even though I have known about Tesla for quite some time, it’s just been since late last year when the Model 3 was released that more and more people have become aware of The Tesla Effect.

What is The Tesla Effect?

To explain this, you have to first think about what it takes to operate a conventional Diesel or Gasoline car:

  • First we have to build the car (about 10,000 to 20,000 moving parts
  • Then we have to transport these cars via trucks to dealerships
  • Then the salesperson has to make the deal with you
  • Then when the tank is empty we have to fill the tank
  • To get the gasoline we need the following:
    • Expensive oil drilling equipment has to extract the oil (pollution from oil contaminated drilling mud, water, oilwell & tanker spills, etc.
    • The oil needs to be pipelined or shipped to refineries (pollution from spills and seeps, dirty bunker oil burning tankers)
    • The oil needs to be refined in old, expensive, polluting oil refineries
    • The refined gasoline needs to be pipelined or trucked to gasoline stations
    • People have to fuel their cars (pollution from spilled fuel)
  • People drive their cars (pollution from tail pipe and leaking engines)
  • We have to maintain the cars (lot’s of failures with 20000 moving parts!!!)

Now let’s look at the Tesla cars (but this holds true for many EVs):

  • We have to build the EV (less than 500 moving parts, mostly electric or servo motors, bearings, etc.)
  • Tesla sells the cars directly to customers and trucks the cars directly to them
  • People plug in the cars at home (50-75%) or plug into public recharge stations (only pollutions is from fossil fuel derived electricity, only additional electrical infrastructure required is a high Amperage electrical outlet in your garage or on the side of the house)
  • Maintenance is nominal with so few moving parts (most pollution is from making the tires, and the tire wear rubber dust)

Now, the above it very simplified, but you get the idea!

But why would we call it The Tesla Effect?

Because even though GM has been building EVs for some time, they were trying to maintain their industry dominance and built the cars inefficient to gasoline or diesel standards.

Tesla on the other hand started from scratch, never having built cars… they designed their production models from scratch to be an EV, and have been innovating the battery, motor, efficiency, and safety standards to a level that the conventional car manufacturers cannot compete.

Tesla just about obliterated sedan sales in 2018 and 2019, and I believe the other manufacturers will be shuttering all but the most budget sedan models for 2020… used sedans have dropped in value by up to 75% in some cases… you can pick up a luxury compact sedan like a BMW or Mercedes Benz for the same price as a mid range new sedan… many people not willing to pay for a Tesla will buy a used luxury car or the same priced brand new conventional car… but even this will change in 2020 – but that is just my humble opinion!

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