Spring Garden – 1st sowing

Well, this winter drug out longer than I thought… normally I would and should be sowing radishes and garden peas in February, but it is what it is.

From my Google Image Library

With assistance of my Chihuahua garden helper I got about 3 feet of my fence line prepared.

I used a saw’z’all to rip the soil about 4-6 inches from the fence. I ripped the ground in the same line two to three times to make sure it was fairly easy to insert my edging.

I then inserted black, scalloped edging into the ground leaving it raised above the grass about 2-3 inches.

I then inserted corrugated cardboard folded into u-channels. I folded along the corrugation shaping a gutter style shape, and then inserted those right on top of weeds and grass. I overlapped the cardboard by 3-4 inches, and placed brick on it to keep the cardboard in place.

You can see in picture that I don’t care about being consistently the same distance from the fence.

In the above picture you can see the bricks on the end holding up some wood block that are 5.75 inches wide (cut-offs from a 2×6 framing stick).

I then mixed up my standard soil mix, soil from previous veggie beds, compost, Miracle-Gro organic soil mix, semi-composed leaf mould, and some amendment like Azomite, Dr. Earth veggie fertilizer, and or wood ashes and filled the trench / raised bed.

Finally, I sowed Garden Peas (Alaska variety) really close to the fence, and I will add some flavor of radish when I buy some at the big box store.

You can also review the rest of the pictures here.

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