Health – Heart Condition

Well, a few weeks ago I had an incident where someone scared the crap out of me. The incident brought to surface a possible lingering health condition, namely, partial blockage in my heart from plaque, maybe.

Let me go back and tell you a little more of what happened…

I was at my mother-in-law’s house just up the street, and as usual, if the 91 year old needs something fixed in or around the house, and no one else is available, I just walk over there if I am home, and see what I can do.

That day I was headed home from a plugged toilet issue. The wind was gusting, and with the hearing damage from when I was in the Air Force, I could not hear a lot besides the wind blowing around my ears.

Someone, to remain nameless, you know who you are, pulled up in their newish Ford F250 pickup to within a foot or two of me and beeped their horn. It wasn’t really a beep, more of a blast from a truck horn.

Needless to say, it scared the crap out of me and my chest hurt for several hours after, and I had tight chest and trouble breathing for several hours.

A few days later we went in to see a cardiologist who scheduled a heart stress test and blood work. The treadmill stress test is what turned up the suspected blockage in the heart.

So, the doctor prescribed a statin, Crestor, but after reading some of the dangers of using statins, I have decided not to take it. I always knew statins were really not that effective anyways, and their benefits are based on flawed research.

I was also prescribed a beta blocker, Metoprolol, and was even more scared to take that. Believe it or not, in the drug warnings it actually states that:

Heart Failure

Beta-blockers, like Metoprolol, can cause depression of myocardial contractility and may precipitate heart failure and cardiogenic shock. If signs or symptoms of heart failure develop, treat the patient according to recommended guidelines. It may be necessary to lower the dose of Metoprolol or to discontinue it.


Why would you prescribe something like to someone that already has a heart condition that is not as critical as they made it out to believe?

I have never been a fan of the pharmaceutical driven medical industry, but this is really leaving a sour taste in my mouth, and makes me be VERY suspicious of anything and everything spewing from the mouth of a conventional doctor or specialist.

I will let them do the catheter probe of my heart to look at the suspected blockage area, but I refuse to take beta blockers and statins, we will just have to work around any issues that the lack of taking those poisons causes.

These drugs/poisons are designed to make patients sicker, not better, so there is abso-frigging-lutely no way I am taking this crap. Period!

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