Crosspressed – Crunch Time

Basically our future looks bleak though not of our making. We had taken government advice on planning for our “retirement” years ago only for them to move the goal posts regarding state pension age. Uncontrolled cheap immigrant labor has taken the majority of jobs plus we now have our age going against us regarding looking for work. Whilst we are JUST holding our heads above water, our legs are going to be kicked out from under us by economics and government policies.To do nothing is not an option as we will eventually drown having lost everything.

via Thoughtfully Prepping.

My thoughts:

As we can see from the referenced work, the average Joe in the UK is in the same boat as the average Joe in the USA… even though the revolutionaries fought so hard to separate the future USA from the British rule, we are still economically linked, and because of this economic relationship, we are on the same boat headed for the iceberg… it is just a matter of when, not if…

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