Bread baking – loaf 008


Bread (Photo credit: CeresB)

1039 hours:

Loaf seven turned out pretty good, although it was just a little gritty. I think the whole wheat I am using is ground pretty course, and it will take some time to get used to the texture.

I also acquired some oat flour, so I tweaked the recipe a little to incorporate the oat flower and cut down on the whole wheat. I reduce the total flour volume to 3 cups, because I used one cup of sourdough starter discard that I got from refreshing my potentially failing sourdough starter that I am trying to revive.

So here is my modified recipe:

This time I added all the wet ingredients including the eggs and butter in the bottom of the mixing bowl, then added the bread flour, Spelt, whole wheat, oat and all-purpose flours on top, made the hole for yeast and added that, put the sugar on top of the yeast and lightly mixed the yeast and a little surrounding flour, sprinkled the salt over the flour dome, selected the basic bread mode, and let her rip.

The dough turned out to be a little runny, so I decided to add another ¼ cup of oat flour, and that thickened it up a bit better, so I’m letting the machine do it’s job for the next half hour or so. I will come back later and update this post.

1400 hours:

This loaf of bread turned out nice and moist, the crumb was perfect, and even though this loaf didn’t rise as well, it definitely tastes really good, even the wife commented on how good it is.

2 Responses to “Bread baking – loaf 008”

  1. it looks very nice


    • thanks… I am really getting to like to make bread… keep checking back every so often for more bread making experiments


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