Sourdough Starter – New Zealand culture

Two naturally-leavened (sourdough) loaves. Fro...

Two naturally-leavened (sourdough) loaves. Front: 90% white flour, 10% rye sourdough loaf proofed in a coiled-cane brotform. Back: A 3-pound whole-wheat miche. Both were leavened using a 100% hydration sourdough starter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, while I had the kitchen in a warm to hot state, I thought I would get my first sourdough starter going.

Some time ago I bought several of Sourdoughs International’s cultures, and the one I am starting today if the New Zealand culture for general baking. According to their website it is a good culture for beginners.


Excellent for the beginner

In 2003 we acquired one of these cultures from Kristeva Dowling (now in Canada). It is one of the easiest and best choices for the novice sourdough baker. It has been used around the world with great success ever since.

End Quote:

So around 16:00 today, according to the included instructions, I mixed 3/4 cup of Gold label organic all-purpose flour with the yeast culture packet, then added one cup of Crest filtered drinking water that I heated to about 90F degrees. I spun and shook the jar until all the flour was wet and it was all mixed up.

I set the jar next to my crock-pot that is cooking a pot-roast,  to keep it nice an warm without cooking it. so once the pot-roast is done I will move the starter to the warmest spot, probably on top of the fridge for the remainder of the first 24 hours, and tomorrow around 16:00 I will check it to make sure it is bubbling and alive.

Once my starter is in good shape, I hope to replace some of my flour in my bream machine recipes with some starter, and making some sourdough bread by using the egg-free recipes and using the delay timer to allow the starter to do it’s job overnight and then letting it bake early in the morning to have the bread ready by getting up time. We shall see if this bread machine is smart enough for this.

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