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Story – The Riparian Buffer Tribe – Prologue

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"Valuable information on conservation buf...

“Valuable information on conservation buffers is still flowing from Bear Creek in Story County, Iowa. A riparian buffer first established in 1990 on the Ron Risdal farm has been studied extensively for ten years; ten major findings have been gleaned from the research at the site.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I finally got around to writing the prologue to my story “The Riparian Buffer Tribe.”

I will be writing this story one paragraph at a time as I find time to do so. As I write the first revision of each paragraph, I will post it to BitBin, Tweet it to the world, and provide you with the link tot he content so you can read the story as it develops.

I have to go and take care of some real world family matters, so I will keep this short and provide you with a way to get to the content and how I’m going to lay out future posts with all the links to the content sequentially so you can read the whole thing.

As you can see below, there will be links to the the revised editions of the paragraphs. I am wide open to suggestions and corrections of my work. If you decide to send me a revision or correct, include your Bitcoin address if you have one, and I will put yours into the BitBin post so you get credit for the work.

When you click on one of the main links (i.e. “Prologue” in this case, you will be redirected to a CoinURL address, just hang tight for a minute and it will redirect you to the BitBin location.

The revisions after the main link will go directly to the BitBin location, so older content will bypass CoinURL. I can track statistics using CoinURL and also get paid a small amount of Bitcoin, so it will help me out since our household budget is getting slimmer by the day, and the statistics will tell me the traffic to the content.

Prologue Rev 0.01 0.00

Chapter 1 – Foundation Rev 0.01 0.00

I also plan on having guest authors that arise from you readers sending me corrections and suggestions. I am hoping that these guest authors might write short stories and novelettes to complement my story line. I imagine this will start happening as my story develops further and things get fleshed out, however, if someone can think of a short story that might describe the lead-in for a character that just appears briefly in my story, then please feel free to send me the outline for your idea, and if you want to proceed to write the story on your own blog and use BitBin and CoinURL the way I use to earn small amounts of Bitcoin in the process, let me know and I will send you a PDF that details how I do it.

Once your story is complete, just like I plan on publishing mine as an eBook, I would recommend you publish yours as an eBook as well. I will then publish a blog post and web page that will point to the eBooks.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you return to the blog to read future postings of my developing story.

Garden – plans for this year of 2013

Posted in Blogging, Food, Gardening, Home, Horticulture, Nature with tags , , , , , , on 2013/02/10 by rmolby

Chickens (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

I am getting into backyard farming this year, out of necessity because my pay is not keeping up with inflation and the health care premiums are going up, leaving us short in our household budget.

So I am hoping to make up for it somewhat by growing at least 2-3% of my food this year, and hopefully 3-5% next year, after I expand the vegetable garden, and get the raised bed chicken tractor built.

I am designing the raised beds around 4 foot long planks cut from 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, and 2×12 by 8 foot or 16 foot boards, and using 3.5 inch long deck screws to screw the beds into 4×4 foot squares.

I arrange the beds so there is just a little less than 2 feet of space between them for walkways, and I use 12 inch square pavers to line the walkways. This way the beds sit on top of the pavers for leveling and less contact with the soil. I treat the wood of the raised beds with linseed oil and let it absorb and dry completely, then line the raised bed with one or two layers of corrugated cardboard  and fill them with compost/soil mixture.

When I build the wooden frames, I also attach a piece of 2×2 on the inside corners, but offset so they stick out the bottom about one inch. This way I can stack multiple beds for extra depth for veggies such as carrots, as well as stacking the chicken tractor on top of the beds as well.

As the chickens clean up the bed(s) they have access to, by churning the soil and eating every last seed, bug, and plant until there is nothing but soil, I move their tractor house to the next bed, and their run as well, and let them continue to clean the newly accessible bed(s).

The raised bed I move the tractor house from, now is well composted, has nitrogen and nutrient rich soil, that I will plant heavy feeders into the first season, and then alternate with low demand plants, followed by fallow or cover-crop, and then several other crops before I run the chicken tractor over it again.

I have part of this system in place, but I still need to built the 4×4 chicken tractor and 4×4 chicken run that will go on top of two beds, and a connector between the two so the chickens can get to the run.

I will also build a few beds that will be either 4×6 or 4×10 foot and pull the walkway pavers they would straddle, and have some bigger beds to work with for such plants as garlic and cabbages, etc, where I either need lots of plants or lots of room for a small number of large to huge plants that will require a lot of growing space.

I know, this sounds quite ambitious, but that is what I have been working towards for the last three years since I have moved into this house.

I will try to keep blogging about my garden endeavors as I find time to record my efforts. Hopefully I can get some pictures added as well to add tot he documentation of what I accomplish this year.


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