Horoscope – 2013.01.17

CANCER Jan, 17, 2013

Someone in your world is blowing something all out of proportion. To this person, a very minor issue seems like a really big deal. You can see the whole situation far more objectively, and you may feel inclined to express that viewpoint. But you need to know that doing so could actually escalate that minor issue into a major issue. Steer clear of someone who is behaving like a drama queen. Even though you don’t see anything really serious, it could wind up causing you a lot more aggravation than you think.

Yup, my wife’s 16 year old son, and I’m staying out of the conflicts… for now… :-O

2 Responses to “Horoscope – 2013.01.17”

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  2. […] Horoscope – 2013.01.17 (rmolby.wordpress.com) […]


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