Horoscope – 2013.01.06

CANCER Jan, 06, 2013

Chaos isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Moonchild. Chaos is defined as a place of great disorder or confusion. Your life may seem that way right now, but that’s probably because everything hasn’t yet fallen into place. There has been some upheaval in your life recently, and the dust hasn’t settled – even though it may have been awhile. The reason for this is that you may not believe it will – or can – settle down. You may fear that things will never be as you envisioned them, due to a fearful mood. But overwhelmingly positive change is imminent. Something wonderful has the power to settle everything into place so that the life you’ve imagined can begin to take root. Remain hopeful and positive.

I can definitely relate to the chaos part. While recovering from my kidney stone health issue, I am getting a chance here and there to sit back and look at the world go by.

We are living in crazy times, in a crazy civilization, where a crazy planet is throwing crazy curve-balls our way.

I don’t know what to make of the horoscope other than to keep sitting back and letting life go by so I can watch and observe, hopefully I can see a glimmer of the “wonderful.”

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