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Ramblings for 2012.12.31

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Kidney stone

Kidney stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am writing this up after the fact, on Thursday, 2013.01.17, since I was not able to do so at the time.

I got the stomach flu sometime in the middle of December, I thing around the 14th, ended up in the ER because I passed out and hit the floor from a sitting position in a chair.

Then, about 4-6 days later, I ended up back in the ER with severe pain around my right kidney, and as I feared, I had a 5mm kidney stone. The doctors said it was brought on by the dehydration the stomach flu caused because of all the diarrhea, so I went into this Monday, 2012.12.31 to have the kidney stone removed using a catheter probe.

It went well, but they had to install a stent to keep the urinary tract open for any residual stones and shards coming out. They also gave me meds for pain and antibiotics for the infection.

Needless to say, I was not happy or in good shape these last few weeks.

I will be retroactively posting more to the blog over the next few days.

Horoscope – 2012.12.06

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Lone Pine Peak

Lone Pine Peak (Photo credit: Dawn Endico)

CANCER Dec, 06, 2012

Were you in a certain group when you were in high school, Moonchild? Were you a “jock” – a sought-after athlete? Maybe you were the creative type – someone who others thought would be famous one day. Or perhaps you hung with the popular crowd – you knew everyone and everyone knew you. It’s also possible that you were a loner. Many Crabs are. That’s because your creative way of thinking isn’t always understood, and your shy personality is often mistaken for conceit. No matter which group you belonged to, you probably felt like a loner. You may still feel that way. But events of the coming weekend will show you just how much you are loved and admired.

I do feel like a loner many days. Not so much being alone or lonely, but a loner in a world that doesn’t seem to understand the big picture, a civilization on the brink of change that is right in the face, but they don’t see it.

I feel alone in a sea of people that seem to be ignorant to repeating history. I see loved ones and friends go through life not realizing they can help themselves to live a better future by studying history and avoiding the mistakes people have made in the past.

I know I have loved ones all around me that love me and support me, but many of them don’t see the future either.

It is very frustrating some days…

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