Horoscope – 2012.11.27

Celtic Tree horoscope

Celtic Tree horoscope (Photo credit: lunaman)

CANCER Nov, 27, 2012

You may be in a dark mood now, Moonchild, and if you are then that could be contributing to the way you see the rest of the world. It could seem to be a bleak and foreboding place right now. There are so many people you cannot trust. There is little hope that things will get better. That’s not really true, but if you believe it to be then you will make it so. You need to find a way to snap out of your gloom room and back out into the bright light of day. Nothing is as bad as it seems now, unless you choose to linger on the dark side. Find your way back to the light.

Again, I’m not sure how much to make of horoscopes, but this is turning out to be another one that fit the bill.

I keep checking my horoscope from my iPhone with the app I mentioned in this post, and I would say 40-60% of the daily horoscopes tend to be somewhat applicable, so I may just decide to pay a little more attention to them.

This app I use also has the Chinese yearly and the Celtic Tree horoscopes, and they seem to be fairly applicable, as well. I think I will be posting all the horoscopes that seem to apply to me over the next few weeks and see if I see a trend or pattern, and try to interpret what I think the horoscopes are trying to tell me.

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  2. […] Horoscope – 2012.11.27 (rmolby.wordpress.com) […]


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