Horoscope – 2012.11.17

CANCER – Nov, 17, 2012

Français : Signe Zodiac Cancer

Français : Signe Zodiac Cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may be stuck in a worry groove right now, Moonchild. You don’t really have anything serious to worry about, but that doesn’t stop you. Like the crab that is the symbol of your sign, you tend to cling to things (both good and bad) until you get it out of your system. The best way to relax and let go so you can feel better and be more productive would be to do something positive. It can either be for yourself, or it can be for someone in your neighborhood or community who could really use your assistance. Do something positive, and you’ll feel better immediately.

Well, I’m not sure if horoscopes are that useful, lately they have been more or less on the money, at least the ones I get from the app on my iPhone.

When I upgrade my crappy old iPhone 3GS to a Samsung Galaxy series phone, soon, I hope I can find the Android version of the app.

While checking items to add to the “Related articles” below, I found another interesting horoscope:

Communication should go well for you with family and friends and with partners and lovers on November 17th. Communication improves and increases via e-mails, text messages and phone calls. It’s also positive time to sign a contract or make verbal and written agreements. Mars will also enter your partnership house on November 17th. The next seven weeks will bring a time for you to openly communicate with the partner. There may be also argument with the partner. It could be a business partner that you have a disagreement with on how to run a business or in connection to any duties or obligations connected to the business. There are many reasons why argument may be created here. It could be joint resources and finances. If the money is running thin even in a personal relationship then the arguments may easily come on how to handle finances. It won’t be an easy situation to resolve so obviously there needs to be some form of compromise. I do want to warn you that if no one is willing to compromise it could sever a relationship or end a partnership even a business partnership. It will be a great disappointment to have any partnership end just because no one wanted to work with each other to compromise these issues. You can see this as a warning that the next seven weeks may create a big enough problem to end a relationship or partnership. If you do not want any relationship to end and you have been having problems in the past that is not bringing any kind of resolution then don’t be surprised once Mars enters your partnership house that it creates an ending. All I will mention is that the possibility is there and your chances do run high when you are having problems in your relationship or partnership and then to have Mars enter your partnership house it won’t be a pleasant sight. If you can somehow avoid these issues by working them out now it can still save the relationship or partnership. It seems to be a positive time for you to show great sympathy and support for other people. Around 11:03 PM you may indulge in fatty foods, sweets, drinks and food.

It looks like I may have to be careful over the next few weeks when dealing with family and business relations.

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