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Horoscope – 2012.11.27

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Celtic Tree horoscope

Celtic Tree horoscope (Photo credit: lunaman)

CANCER Nov, 27, 2012

You may be in a dark mood now, Moonchild, and if you are then that could be contributing to the way you see the rest of the world. It could seem to be a bleak and foreboding place right now. There are so many people you cannot trust. There is little hope that things will get better. That’s not really true, but if you believe it to be then you will make it so. You need to find a way to snap out of your gloom room and back out into the bright light of day. Nothing is as bad as it seems now, unless you choose to linger on the dark side. Find your way back to the light.

Again, I’m not sure how much to make of horoscopes, but this is turning out to be another one that fit the bill.

I keep checking my horoscope from my iPhone with the app I mentioned in this post, and I would say 40-60% of the daily horoscopes tend to be somewhat applicable, so I may just decide to pay a little more attention to them.

This app I use also has the Chinese yearly and the Celtic Tree horoscopes, and they seem to be fairly applicable, as well. I think I will be posting all the horoscopes that seem to apply to me over the next few weeks and see if I see a trend or pattern, and try to interpret what I think the horoscopes are trying to tell me.

Ramblings for 2012.11.26

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Well, just a quick blurb about Cyber Monday.

I had been thinking these last few weeks about replacing my iPhone 3GS with a Samsung Galaxy S2 for $0.99 today on Cyber Monday, but by the time I was able to get logged into AT&T or Amazon, they were all gone.

I also visited the store I usually take my phone issues to and they didn’t have any decent deals.

The front and base of the iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 3GS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This just proved to me that these so-called “deals or sales” are not really all that good a deal. I did find out that AT&T currently offers a deal where you get $100 off one phone if you get two Samsung Galaxy series phones at the same time, so I will try to talk my son into a Galaxy S3 instead of a iPhone 5.

We shall see how well that goes over, LOL.

Ramblings for 2012.11.25

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The front and base of the iPhone 3GS.

The front and base of the iPhone 3GS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


first of all, I’m glad we got through the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday without any incidents in our immediate and extended family (as far as we have heard as of this morning).

Next, I tried out the iPhone version of the mobile app, and I’m both impressed and disappointed  Let me address the disappointed part first.

As I detailed in my previous post I was out of town and wanting to make a blog post, so I tried out the current version of the iPhone blog CMS app. I worked great for doing some basic posting and I may not be totally impressed with it because I was operating on the AT&T Edge network out in the boonies, where part of our extended family lives.

That said, the biggest issue for me is being able to create or look up the related content links and references I usually include in my posts. Also, adding pictures or logos provided or linked by seemed to be lacking/missing/not obvious.

Now, on to the good part(s), I like the app and hope the Android version is just as good or better. The app will allow me to create more posts and I can always edit them later for layout and additional content. I like the fact that I can now post anywhere, any time, as long as I have at least Edge Network access. I’m sure as I use the app and get more familiar with it, I will find many other things I like about it and maybe even figure out how to overcome some of the issues I listed above.

Overall, I will give this app a 4.5 star rating when I get time to write a review.

Next, on Black Friday. The only thing I am interested in for the November holiday period is to replace my aging and under-classed (in performance  iPhone 3GS with an Android device. Currently I am contemplating the Samsung Galaxy SII (GS2 for short) because for Cyber Monday AT&T will be offering it for a penny with a 2 year contract!

I like the penny part, not so much the contract, though. But, the two phones I really would like to have, are the Samsung Galaxy Note II (G-Note2) or the Samsung Galaxy SIII (GS3). Either are too expensive and I cannot afford to shell out that much money for a device that will be out of date in only 3-4 months.

With a ROM update to Jelly Bean Android OS, the GS2 should serve me well for the next two years, and maybe if I get a bonus or something over the next few months, I can just buy a unlocked G-Note2 when they become available on the surplus market for a reasonable price.

Now, back to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday issues. I really hate all the sheeple that crowd to the retailers to “get a deal” just to get a sale deal, not because they “need or really, really, really want a device” bad, but just to get the savings or deal, because it’s not really a deal, if you shop around throughout the year, you can get just as good or better deals. I have passed up almost two years of upgrade deals and pushed my iPhone 3GS to it’s operating limit and it is starting to not work correctly due to its age and lower performance specifications.

So, for all you sheeple out there, wake the F%^& up and don’t fall for all the hype. It’s really only there for them to sell the older stock of products, and the new stock of items at still profitable levels. They are luring you in to bolster their profit margin, and to reduce their older inventory, so when it comes time to report to the IRS, they don’t have to report stocked inventory which is more expensive than to report profit, which they can offset with tax credits and tax shelters.

You are playing into their hands at your expense. Don’t. If you are like me and have a 3+ year old device that is reaching end-of-life, go for it. But don’t hesitate to check your carrier/vendor for deal throughout the year. Like many carriers, when they get a new flagship model, the older ones are reduce in price or put on sale usually the same day or week. Those are the true deals, because you can get what used to be the flagship, top of the line model, and still very capable device for a much lower price than someone paid for just a few days prior to the release of the new model.

Alright, enough ranting. Ya’ll have a good day/week/remaining year.

Black Friday Post Holiday

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English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

WordPress logo

EDIT: I checked this post this morning to see how good the iPhone version of the WordPress app is, and it will do for mobile posting, but I had to come back and do some slight editing, mostly for paragraph and alignment issues, and to add/activate topic links.

Well, here I sit in my host family’s husbands easy chair in the living room of their house after waking up at my normal early self.

I usually cannot go back to sleep once I’m awake, so after a bathroom break I decided to sit in the easy chair and check my phone.

I thought “what can I do to keep myself entertained without my laptop?”

I then remembered seeing the iPhone app for WordPress and decided to download it and give it a try.

So far so good! I like the fact that I can create a post during idle time with stuff on my mind, maybe it will encourage me to post more often.

In other news, my extended family we have, due to marriage of my wife’s older son, has been fun to hang out with and spend the day after Thanksgiving with and have big TG dinner of ham and turkey and sides, dessert, and good company.

Well I guess I will post this and update and fine tune the post when I have access to my laptop again.

Holiday – Happy Thanksgiving Day

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English: Half of a homemade pecan pie in a gla...

English: Half of a homemade pecan pie in a glass baking dish, served at a Thanksgiving dinner in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Thanksgiving.

How appropriate that this would also be my 100th post on this blog! I didn’t plan it this way, so that makes it even more appropriate.

We will be visiting family out of town tomorrow and have our Thanksgiving dinner then, so the wife and I are vegetating and watching a show dog show on TV. Oops, the dog show just completed, and now we are watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

It looks like the parade was taped this morning in NY and just now being show in our time zone (mid afternoon).

Anyway, we will be having some ham and vegetables later today, and call it good for this day since we will be travelling a total of 4 hours tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Pay Another Way: Bitcoin

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Pay Another Way: Bitcoin.

WordPress now accepts BitCoin for upgrades to your WordPress blog. The link above links to the official BLOG entry.

Horoscope – 2012.11.17

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CANCER – Nov, 17, 2012

Français : Signe Zodiac Cancer

Français : Signe Zodiac Cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may be stuck in a worry groove right now, Moonchild. You don’t really have anything serious to worry about, but that doesn’t stop you. Like the crab that is the symbol of your sign, you tend to cling to things (both good and bad) until you get it out of your system. The best way to relax and let go so you can feel better and be more productive would be to do something positive. It can either be for yourself, or it can be for someone in your neighborhood or community who could really use your assistance. Do something positive, and you’ll feel better immediately.

Well, I’m not sure if horoscopes are that useful, lately they have been more or less on the money, at least the ones I get from the app on my iPhone.

When I upgrade my crappy old iPhone 3GS to a Samsung Galaxy series phone, soon, I hope I can find the Android version of the app.

While checking items to add to the “Related articles” below, I found another interesting horoscope:

Communication should go well for you with family and friends and with partners and lovers on November 17th. Communication improves and increases via e-mails, text messages and phone calls. It’s also positive time to sign a contract or make verbal and written agreements. Mars will also enter your partnership house on November 17th. The next seven weeks will bring a time for you to openly communicate with the partner. There may be also argument with the partner. It could be a business partner that you have a disagreement with on how to run a business or in connection to any duties or obligations connected to the business. There are many reasons why argument may be created here. It could be joint resources and finances. If the money is running thin even in a personal relationship then the arguments may easily come on how to handle finances. It won’t be an easy situation to resolve so obviously there needs to be some form of compromise. I do want to warn you that if no one is willing to compromise it could sever a relationship or end a partnership even a business partnership. It will be a great disappointment to have any partnership end just because no one wanted to work with each other to compromise these issues. You can see this as a warning that the next seven weeks may create a big enough problem to end a relationship or partnership. If you do not want any relationship to end and you have been having problems in the past that is not bringing any kind of resolution then don’t be surprised once Mars enters your partnership house that it creates an ending. All I will mention is that the possibility is there and your chances do run high when you are having problems in your relationship or partnership and then to have Mars enter your partnership house it won’t be a pleasant sight. If you can somehow avoid these issues by working them out now it can still save the relationship or partnership. It seems to be a positive time for you to show great sympathy and support for other people. Around 11:03 PM you may indulge in fatty foods, sweets, drinks and food.

It looks like I may have to be careful over the next few weeks when dealing with family and business relations.

Ramblings for 2012.11.13

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Well, it’s been a long while since I posted anything, and I just wanted to drop a line to say I’m still alive and well.

I have been crazy busy with life and work, and just have not found the time to write up anything.

I shall try to return to posting at least once per week if i can to keep things moving along.


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