Review – Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

Well, well, well, it’s been quite a while since I posted to the blog.

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest

Saint Arnold Oktoberfest Microbrew

I’ve been way busy and just have not had the time to spend writing anything up. That changed today, because I had to come to Houston, TX, for some SQL training. I went to Whole Foods Market and got some beef stew, good bread, Icelandic butter, Italian Salami and English recipe corned beef, and had an excellent dinner at the hotel, and am now sitting at the company laptop typing up this post, enjoying an excellent micro-brew, Saint Arnold Oktoberfest.

Having grown up in Germany and having enjoyed some real German beer, I have to say that this micro-brew is just as good ans the genuine article from Deutschland. It is very smooth without too much carbonation, but not flat tasting like some American beers.

This definitely a beer I will buy again, and I will pick up a 6-pack before I head home on Friday. I got this at Kroger just across the parking lot from my hotel, and they had single bottles to be combined into a 6-pack so you can sample, so I have 5 more beers to go, and will try to review one per night.

So, for right now i will call this good, and wrap this up so I can watch and interesting show on the Discovery channel.


P.S.: I forgot to mention GoodBrews, a cool beer website I was told about by my co-worker, Dave.


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