Health – Chicken Bone Broth

Preparing of chicken broth

Preparing of chicken broth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I want to talk a little about health issues, or rather, how to keep some of those health issues at bay.

Today’s topic is bone broth, specifically chicken carcass bone broth, because I had saved up a lot of chicken bones from thighs and drums over the last few weeks, and a fresh chicken carcass from a rotisserie chicken we got from (gasp, yes!) WalMart.

The miscellaneous bones I accumulated at work for the most part and placed into a Ziploc bag or container, along with surplus chicken skin, put them in the freezer and saved them up until I had enough to fill my stock pot, which was today.

In addition, I am also taking advantage of the fact that it is currently about 105F (41C) degrees outside, so I’m boiling the bones on the side burner of my grill. This way I’m keeping the heat out of the house and it takes less energy to heat up the pot since it is already so hot outside. The only two drawbacks are that I have to stand out in the heat when checking on it, and the wonderful aroma of it isn’t in the house… but the end result will be so worth it. Which brings me to the actual topic, the health benefits of bone broth.

We all know mom’s recipe for when we didn’t feel good when we were kids, chicken soup is pretty much always the good ol’ standby to get the finicky eater to get some nourishment into them. However, even though today’s salt laden chicken soup does still have some benefit, it is the bone broth of real chicken soup that really provides the immune system boosting properties.

I will not list all the benefits, but the broth is rich in numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as explained really well in this blog post by The Paleo Mom. You really should go read this blog post, it is fairly short and to the point, go read it now and then come back here.

OK, so I am slowly migrating my diet to the Paleo diet, which is not a weight-LOSS diet, but a healthy living lifestyle, and bone broth is a key ingredient in this diet.

Back to the bone broth making, here is another blog entry at a different blog detailing three different ways to make bone broth.

My bone broth making today ended up being moved into the kitchen since it got really windy and the flame kept blowing out on the grill’s side burner. I got 6 half-pint jars and a quart jar of broth, and oh did it smell good. Nom nom.

Finally, here is another good blog post / article. There are links from these articles to further your reading. All I have left to say is, I have used bone broth for months now, and every time I run out of it, I can feel my body getting worst over about a weeks time, and then I start hurting, and dragging from low energy, I get migraines and headaches, and my body feels achy.

So long for now, hope this helps you improve your health, and as the Vulcans from Star Trek would say:

Live long and Proper.


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