Ramblings for 2012.09.07

Well, today I spent the morning mowing the back and front lawn. I had to bag some of it because it was too tall in spots. By the time I got done it was approaching 95 degrees Fahrenheit, about 5 degrees above my thermal limit, so now I am tired, worn, and am getting a heat exhaustion head ache.

Despite this, I will try to make a few posts this weekend.

I think I will try to post a couple more M:TG cards, and talk about Bitcoin and Litecoin. Maybe a few other things will come to me. Stay tuned.

While you wait for me next post on the Friday, why don’t you visit this site and earn some free BitCents, and if you feel my blog is worth it, donate a little of it to my blog.

Bitcoin QR code for Friday

Bitcoin QR code 12XrhUsFLUs4SNEjvvJAfMQq4AaVYXcZuH

LiteCoin QR code for Friday

LiteCoin QR Code LP8Sxg1YaUUiwyQuhuvebFBmQg6YK7qQsy


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