Ramblings for 2012.08.02

Alright, I’m still finding my way on my blog. I don’t have a consistent way of using the post heading, but I’m slowly getting there. If it is a major category, such as Magic: The Gathering then I will put something like “MTG-” or similar at the beginning of the subject/title.

In addition, I will start using the 24 hour clock, also known as military time, and the date in Year/Month/Day format. These are all things I have to do at work and is also something most people outside of the USA are used to, so only my fellow American may have to adjust a little.

Alright, what else.

Oh yeah, what stinking hot weather we are having. Yesterday we recorded 113F (62.8C). That is just absolutely crazy. I am so ready to move to coastal Pacific North West or northern Idaho!

If anyone knows of someone that needs a Microsoft Network Administrator in the Seattle area, or in Coeur d’Alene or Sandpoint Idaho, please contact me. If it pays $65-80k in Idaho and more than $80K Seattle I’m interested.

Currently I don’t have a degree. I only have my A+ certification, although I am slowly trying to study for my MCITP certification.

I’m pretty good with administering MS Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 in a specialized department of the DoT, the FAA in specific. Anyway, I would love to find a place to work up north where it rarely breaks over 90F!

Anyway, my car overheated on the way to work from lunch and again from work to home, and my body is trying to recover, so I’m falling asleep as I’m  working on this.

I also swapped out the thermostat and gasket, which didnt fix the problem, so I drained the cooling system and refilled it with streight water, so all I gotta do this evening is add the radiator flush and run it, drain and flush it again with water twice and then drain the system completely and put fresh coolant in it.

I don’t think I’ll get all of it done tonight, but hopefully I can get the flush all out and let it sit overnight with only water in it, drain and fill in the morning and maybe still go to work.


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