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MTG – Fog

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This is one of my standby card for green decks. I have several from previous editions and will include some into my next deck.

MTG – M13 – Trumpet Blast

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Trumpet Blast

Trumpet Blast

Trumpet Blast is one of those instants that will most likely be included in my decks if it is red based.

This one also came from my first 15 card booster pack I bought a month ago.

MTG – M13 – Servant of Nefarox

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Servant of Nefarox

Servant of Nefarox

The next card from the 15 card M2013 booster pack. This one would make a great addition to a black based weenie deck.

MTG – M13 – Forest Basic Land

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Forest - Basic Land

Forest – Basic Land

OK, this land came out of my M2013 6 card booster pack. It is the first from M2013 and is going into the collection since it is mint condition.

I have so much land from previous editions that I can use those instead and save my first copy of all the lands for the collection.

I really hope I will get some of the non-basic lands so I can have more abilities from my land cards.

MTG – M13 – Naturalize

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The next card I pulled from the 15 card M2013 booster pack is Naturalize. Any of my decks that contain green card will have four of these included, they come in handy against those artifact, white or blue decks.

Since they pretty much sell for 10 cents online, I will order four or eight of these to make sure I have enough for my active playing deck(s).

MTG – M13 – Goblin Battle Jester

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Goblin Battle Jester

Goblin Battle Jester

This was the next card I pulled. This one is a contender for inclusion into one of my decks once I get more than this one.

MTG – M13 – Primal Clay

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Primal Clay

Primal Clay

Primal Clay is my first MTG FOIL card in M13. It is quite a versatile card based on its description.

Being that it is a FOIL I will not play this card until I get a regular one, but I will probably include it into one of my decks.

MTG – M13 – Unsummon

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Unsummon is my next MTG card from the first 15 card booster pack I opened a month ago. Being that it is a blue card I probably will not use it in any of my decks since I don’t care playing with blue cards.

But this card is a powerful card for only one blue mana… it can put a crimp into the plans of any player using creatures as their main component in their deck.


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OK, I just remembered one more service I want to mention, Listia. - Auctions for free stuff at – Auctions for free stuff at

Listia is service where you can list any items you don’t want anymore, and people can either pick them up or you can ship the items to them. What I like is that you are using an internal payment system that doesn’t use dollars, but rather credits. You can then use these credits to purchase items or bid on auctions from other users.

It’s pretty cool, and I decided to auction off a few books I have that I don’t want anymore or have come my way in some way.

So, anyway, come and check out Listia by using this referral link, and if you sign up from my referral link I’ll get a few credits as a bonus and you get access to an awesome community 🙂

Dropbox Followup

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Dropbox App

Dropbox App (Photo credit: Funkbreaks)

In my previous post about Dropbox, I said I would make comments about Dropbox.

I just wanted to say, so far I’m impressed how well it works, and it automatically uploads all my iPhone photos to a folder inside the Dropbox folder on my hard drive, and syncs them to the Dropbox cloud. That has got to be my most favorite feature so far.

I’ve always needed to backup all my photos, but never really found the time to setup a backup scheme… problem solved, I love it.

Now all I have to do is setup my wife with Dropbox, and get it to sync the photos from her phone, and share the two folders and we will be set in being able to get to each other’s photos.

If you are interested in signing up with Dropbox, please use this referral link and I will get a little extra space. Thanks 🙂

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