Dreams – Underground & In Near Future

shows a typical science-fiction open-circuit

shows a typical science-fiction open-circuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asimov's 2009 07

Asimov's 2009 07 (Photo credit: sdobie)

People with Asperger's Syndrome are often preo...

People with Asperger's Syndrome are often preoccupied with particular, specialized areas of knowledge, such as this boy's interest in molecular structure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I woke up to an old recurring dream I have been having since I was a teen, maybe younger than a teen, I seem to remember being around 12 the first time I woke up and remembered this semi-lucid dream.

Now, before I get to describing this dream (I actually described it first while I can still remember some of the details), I need to give you just a little background about myself to help you understand my mind and dreams.

I don’t know how prevalent it is to have lucid dreams, but like I mentioned, I have been able to have lucid dreams without control since I was a young boy, and started gaining some control of my interaction in the lucid state when I was in my late teens.

I also have a very light case of Asperger Syndrome, which is a little like having an ultra light case of Autism. We all know that people that have Autism can have some very special gifts in different reals of the mental state. I don’t know if my Asperger syndrome condition contributes to my lucid dreaming abilities, but I also have a very good imagination.

And finally, I have been a Science Fiction fan from an early age, as early as I can remember. I can thank my dad for this, because we used to watch the original Star Trek (ST:TOS) together, it was the only show my parents let me stay up late for. At the time we were living in Germany, and there were only three TV channels, and the only American TV shows that were shown on German TV were family friendly American shows, so to get some American TV experience, ST:TOS, Bonanza, Magnum P.I., and Sesame Street were the shows of choice my parents allowed me to see.

Lastly, there is a German Science Fiction pulp fiction series called Perry Rhodan. I discovered it sometime around age 9 or 10, I think, bought a copy from my local office supply and new stand store, and after reading it showed it to my mom and dad and asked them if they would give me enough of an allowance to read them. Right about the time they decided to let me have the allowance, a 5th printing of the series was started to get my generation hooked on the series, and I got a chance to read the series from the beginning.

For those of you that may read this and have never experienced or read Perry Rhodan, its of the same ilk as the  1960’s Asimov type pulp fiction, but all the stories are designed to fit into a grand, big, huge, contiguous story line. And then finally, some time during my late teens, probably around 19, after I had moved to the states to serve my country in the U.S. Air Force, I started subscribing to the Asimov fiction novelette and short stories magazine. In one of those I found out about the Asimov Foundation series, and soon got hooked on it as well, and sucked in as many of the foundation series stories as I could afford.

Anyway, this is my background. Now on to my dream…

In this dream I am part of a team exploring some sort of underground facility. If I recall correctly, the entrance to the facility looks like a standard industrial building build at the side of a hill or mountain, much like a warehouse or light industrial, multistory brick or concrete block building you would see in a hilly or mountainous town or city.

The beginning of the dream is very neboulous, I don’t recall getting there by any means, but I recall becoming lucid during the search of the facility. I recall jumping from area to area, seeing what appears to be disused labs, offices, and such similar areas. The reason we know these areas are disused is because there is a thick layer of dust and small debris on top of everything, and those areas smell musty.

But then we make it to the mess hall or kitchen and dining area, and it looks like it had been recently used, because there was fairly clean, there are fairly modern supplies on counters and in still sealed boxes. One detail that is vividly sticking in my mind is a box with a Margarita mixing kit, a bottle of pre-made mix and some drinking glasses, indicating something according to a forensic team member, but I don’t recall what he said.

The search team is intrigued but getting tired of searching and progress is slowing down because it might look like there isn’t anything to find.

This is where I start coming into the picture. I’m ignoring the grumbling of the search team members and start exploring the back rooms of the kitchen area, and discover a heavy steel door, much llike a bunker door at the back of one of the storage rooms.

After some struggling, we manage to open the room, and this is where I used to wake up as a teen. As I got older, the room behind the heavy door was revealed, showing two or three steps or a ramp leading downward a bit into a room full of vintage, maybe WWII era hardware, like parts for generators, kitchen equipment, spare parts, but also an area with shelves that still have some old rations sitting on them.

So as a tween, I would wake up when exploring this room, always when I would discover a not so hidden but obviously obscured back area, such as what would appear to be a wall separating rest rooms from a main area, but the entrance to the area being obscured by a shelf or some other object.

Then in my mid 30s to early 40’s I didn’t seem to dream much at all, or at least I would not recall my dreams. Just recently I started having lucid dreams again, and this morning is the first time I have had recollection of this dream since my 30’s.

So, this morning I recalled exploring quite a bit new territory. I seems that from this back restroom area, there is another heavy steel door, but not a bunker like door, that closed of an area about one story deeper underground, because I recall looking down into a large warehouse style cavern and being able to see quite some space.

I also recall exploring the perimeter of this large area, and discovering that it might be a dead end, but then all of a sudden I realize that some vents on the far end go from the floor to about 5 feet above the floor, there are several side-by-side, maybe 4 or 5, so I go there, and look through the vents, and there is something really interesting in there, because I wake up at that point, heart racing.

To conclude this post, I am just going to mention that if you have read the rest of my blog, you might have figured out that my interests are varied, eclectic and in some cases a little fringe…?

Let’s just say that with exception of my 30’s my viewpoint of the world around me had not been limited to the status-quo propaganda brainwashing story line that seems to have beholden the majority of the western world population.

That is just my point of view, but, if your awareness is above the sheeple, you might consider reading some of the material I mentioned in this post.

Lastly, I am absolutely not religious at all, but I consider myself very spiritual, and if you are also a lucid dreamer, I would venture to say that you probably also consider yourself spiritual. I feel very connected when I am in my garden, when I feel the energy from nature all around me.

I also feel connected to the higher power of universe, call it what you will, for you religious out there, it is God, for us non-religious, it is the 5th dimension, “The Force”, hyperspace, Gaia, or whatever.

This spiritual connection is very real, and very connected in our vibrational connection to universe. If you feel this connection, don’t ignore it, explore it, experience it, but don’t force your specific version of it onto others that have a different view. I really hate soap box preaching, religions or not.

May the Force be with you. – Star Wars

Live long and prosper; peace and long life. – Star Trek Vulcan Greeting and Response

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