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I am not very religious, from the classical religious point of view. I don’t deny that God or a higher form of life exists, but I’m just not into the religion thing, however, I do consider myself spiritual, and will occasionally refer to the Bible and to God for examples of spirituality.

I will also refer to Biodynamics, as well as Waldorf Education, because it takes much of the spiritual world into consideration. The world would be such an empty space without spirituality, so we cannot ignore that part of us. However, so much of religion is stuck on “if I pray to God for forgiveness, all evil I commit or wrong I say or do will be made better, sins will be forgiven.”

I personally think that’s a cop-out so we can do as we please. That’s not what true spirituality is all about. True spirituality is about you being in touch with that greater “whatever” that you believe in. There are so many spiritual people from different faiths that can identify and personify the same good qualities. If you are truly spiritual, you won’t care which religion anyone is, you recognize that there is a good person with a spiritual soul, and you let them be with their faith, and accept them as a spiritual friend.

So, I may mention source material from various regions of the planet and their respective majority faiths if their books or beliefs have something to contribute to my discussions. This is something I learned with my Waldorf education, the way Rudolf Steiner explored many different belief systems and parts of the world, and used all this knowledge to define the idea of Biodynamics.

Biodynamics goes beyond the current “Organic” craze.  The organic trend is disconnected from any kind of spirituality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going in the right direction if you are into being organic, but bring in certain spiritual and world physical aspects into organics, and you have Biodynamics.

So, I may or may not bring any of these subjects up from time to time, I thought this would make a nice introduction to my way of spiritual thinking and the Steineresque  way of life.

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