Well, I was absent from the blog for a week!!!

I was so busy these last few days I just didn’t have time to post to the blog.  If I would have made it to work yesterday I might have had time to post, but unfortunately the wife fell on Monday while cleaning up after seven 6-week old puppies we are fostering, and  she didn’t feel good yesterday because of the bruising and light concussion.

Anyway, I don’t know if I will have time to blog tomorrow, as we are getting new (used) bedroom furniture, and we are going to play musical bedroom furniture as we move the stuff in the spare bedroom to the garage, the stuff from the master to the spare, and the new stuff into the master bedroom.

We may take the futon from the spare and put it into the living room if we can rearrange in there just the right way. I guess we’ll see.

Fortunately I’m off work tomorrow…

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